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Manoochehr Sadeghi

November 4, 2002

Manoochehr Sadeghi is a leading Santur (Santour) virtuoso with forty five years of professional experience in teaching and performing both in Iran and The United States. As a youth, he studied the theory of Persian music under the Persian master, Abdul Hassan Saba.

In 1956 he joined Saba's orchestra, the first orchestra assembled by The Iranian Fine Arts Institute. He continued his collaboration with Saba's Orchestra as a soloist for many years. He has performed on Tehran radio and television and has performed widely in The United States, Great Britain, Denmark, The Netherlands, India, Pakistan and Israel.

Dr. Sadeghi taught at the Conservatory of Persian National Music in Tehran. Since 1964 he has been studying and teaching in the United States, completing an M.A. in music at Fullerton State College, Los Angeles, California and a PhD in Ethnomusicology at UCLA in Los Angeles, California where he has been performing and serving as a Lecturer in Persian Music as well. --

Watch Sadeghi perform (RealVideo) Esfahan

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