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Arash Sasan

July 6, 2005

About 7 years ago, at the age of 28, my interest in European culture and my further studies brought me to Germany. Since my childhood I had great passion for music. I visited the Carl- Orff school of music in Ouromieh, in northwest Iran. At the age of 14 I studied piano, keyboard and theory of music in Tehran, then classic and flamenco guitar.

Finally I studied classical Persian music. At the same time I studied “political economics” and worked for four years as an economist at the ministery of agriculture. In Germany I completed a study in “Media-Informatics”. Here I am visiting various music seminars and performing live, solo, as well as with other musicians.

“Sib e Golab” (Sweet Apple), a world fusion work, is my first album produced in 2005, performed by wonderful musicians from Iran and worldwide. The lyrics are written by famous Iranian poets and myself. Unfortunately the album could not be published in Iran up to now due to required state permissions. Yet the CD has found a good resonance within international community. For more, visit

Sample MP3s from "Sib e Golab"

* Ghatar e Azadi
Music & Lyrics: Arash Sasan

* Amma
Lyrics: Shahyar Ghanbari. Music: Arash Sasan

* Gheibat e Nour
Lyrics: Shahyar Ghanbari. Music: Arash Sasan

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