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Sepehr Hadad


Updated November 26, 2005

I have finished a musical project which I am planning to use as soundtrack material titled "Summer in Samarkand". From its title you can tell that it has Central Asian influences, and I have used musical instruments and sample sounds from that region to produce the album. Here's one of the songs as a sample; it is called:

* Parthian Wedding Dance

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June 13, 2005

Here's another song with Persian lyrics. This is also like "Anzaman" last year, in that my uncle Fatollah Minbashian wrote the lyrics several decades ago back in Iran, but with the difference that I was able to convince my mother Anvar, to sing the lyrics. I added a hip-hop beat and guitar to it, so you can call it truly a family project:

* Negaah-e Yaar-e Man



Some 60 years ago, my uncle Fatollah Minbashian, wrote a poem entitled "Anzaman" which eloquently spoke of the sorrow of lost love. As a child I fell in love with this poem and had always wanted to use it as the lyrics for a song with the same title.

During a brief break from recording our next "Shahin & Sepehr" album to be released Winter 2005, I decided to write the music and perform the song I had always wanted and make it available to family and friends.

Therefore, I consider this effort more a tribute to my uncle's talent in poetry, rather than a commercial project, in order to preserve for our family his wonderful work.

Listen to >>> "Anzaman"

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