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Compiled by Azam Nemati
Updated May 19, 2003
The Iranian

"Maadar" and "Shab Bekheyr Setaarehaa" are two more beautiful albums by the young singer Shahab. I had a very polite and sweet email from this young man which really impressed me. Fame has not made him lose sight of who he is and he has remained grounded.

Since 1978, Shahab is the only new singer I like and listen too (with the exception of Omid). He has recorded some of the memorable songs of the legendary Davood Maghami. Although Maghami 's voice was hauntingly beautiful and very unique, Shahb's re-recording is good enough for me to listen to a few times a week. Also visist

Album: "Maadar"

1. Morgh e Shaydaa
2. Khodaa-Vakili
3. Biyaa Junom
4. Ahd
5. Maadar
6. Doaam Kon
7. Omr e Geraami
8. Divaaneh

Album: "Shab-Bekheyr Setaarehaa"

1. Dard e Hejraan
2. Nam Nam Baaraan
3. Baaroon e Rahmat
4. Dokht e Bandar
5. Khaastani
6. Areh Doustat Daram
7. Shabekher Setareh Ha
8. Az Toh Boodeh
9. Dard e Hejraan
10. Instrumental

Album: "Didaar"

1. Ey Yaaram
2. Khaanoom Khaanoomaa
3. Baahaatam biaa Baahaatam
4. Fariba
5. Tange Delam
6. Mosaafer
7. Khooneh
8. Doparandeh
9. Hamnafas
10. Beheshto Jahanam

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