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Jalil Shahnaz

Azam Nemati
Updated July 25, 2006


I am thirlled to share with fans the magnificent music of legendary Jalil Shahnaz. I had bought the tape a few years back and thanks to Dr. Meshginpoosh for digitizing it so that everyone can listen to these beautiful music pieces of various Dastagaahs.

Solo performances by Jalil Shahnaz
* Abuataa
* Bayate Tork
* Chahargah
* Dashti
* Dashti (Zarbi)
* Isfahan
* Mahour
* Chahargaah Daramade (Zarbi)
* Daramad Va Chaharmezrab
* Chahar Mezrabe Segaah
* Chahar Mezrabe Mahour
* ChaharMezrabeMahour (2)
* Chahar Mezrabe Isfahan

*** *** ***

Master Jalil Shahnaz is one of our shining stars being discovered by a whole new generation of listeners as well as the Western listeners in search of enlightening music. "Eshgh o Zendegi" is an album that is truly beautiful and I consider myself lucky to have it considering that it can not be found in the US or on the internet to purchase.

Album: "Eshgh o Zendegi"
Jalil Shahnaz
: Tar
Amir Nasser Eftetah: Tonbak

1. Segaah -- Dar Amad-e Segahri
2. Bayaat-e Isfahan -- Dar Amad-e Isfahan


"Taknavaazaan: Seyri Dar Davaazdah Maghaame Mouseeghi Entezaar: Afshaari" is great album which features three superb Iranian masters. It is my gift to those who love classical Iranian music and its legends.

Album: "Taknavaazaan"
Jalil Shahnaz
: Tar
Homayoun Khorram: Violin
Amir Nasser Eftetah: Tonbak

1. Pish Daraamad Afshari
2. Moghadameh Afshari
3. Zarb Afshari 3/8 Rhythm
4. Daramaad Afshaari
5. Chahaar mezraab Afshari
6. Daraamad Afshari
7. Continuation of Daraamad Afshari
8. Do Zarb in Gharai 2/4 Rhythm
9. Avaaz Gharaai
10. Gharaai abd Nahib
11. Chahaar mezraab Gharaai
12. Continuation of Gharaai and Nahib
13. Rohab and Foroud

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