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Ziba Shirazi

Ziba Shirazi

Updated April 12, 2005

Often you pick up a CD hoping that the music lives up to the tantalizing title. But Ziba Shirazi's "Havaa-ye Taazeh" is indeed a fresh breeze. Shirazi delivers her trademark I'm-a-proud-woman attitude with playful, modern sophistication. If I didn't know she lives in southern California, I would have thought she was born and raised in Paris. Shirazi has proven once again that she's one of the finest and most original Iranian musical artists -- in or out of Iran. -- Jahanshah Javid

Sample tracks from "Havaay-e Taazeh" CD
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* Havaa-ye Taazeh
* Baazgasht
* Khaahesh
* Sheydaa

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Thanks to Haideh Rezghi for lending the CD
and Javaneh Khodabakhsh for preparing the music files

Sample tracks from"Sibeh Sorkh" CD

* Zan
* Khaak
* Sib-e sorkh
* Aasheqaaneh
* Gol

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