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Ashk-haa va Labkhand-haa
(Sound of Music)


Music and lyrics prepared by Pedram Missaghi
March 27, 1999
The Iranian

The Iranian film industry, especially before the revolution, was well-known for its exceptional ability to dub foreign films. One of the very best examples of this was "The Sound of Music".

The Persian version of the film -- named "Ashk-haa va Lankhand-haa" (Tears and Laughter) -- was simply amazing because all the songs were translated and beautifully sung in Persian. As a result, the film was not only a huge success, but also the tunes remained forever recorded in the minds of an entire generation of Iranian children. Remember "do, do shab nakhaabeedam..."?

Soudabeh Safaeiyeh sang for Maria, Nazila Zand-e-Karimi for Liesel, Rashid Vatandoust for the Captain and Homayoun Moezzi-Moghaddam for Rolf. Other sigers for secondary parts were Simin Ghadiri, Azita Azarmi, Shamsi Shadmand and Nasrin Azarmi. Firouz Falahati translated the lyrics, the poet Touraj Negahban rewrote it and the dubbing manager Ali Kasmai.

The dubbed (Persian) version of this wonderful musical is available from: Pars Video in Ontario, Canada (Tel: 416-512-2414). Also visit Pedram Missaghi's Iran Media site to see a video clip from the musical.

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