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Ali Sufi

June 9, 2005

Ravesh Entertainment presents the Demo version of "Ravesh, The Album", as a preview of the most original contribution to Iranian Hip Hop. At the same time, this Demo is a preview of what will be launched as an Argumentation Technique, to those Iranian rappers that are struggling with the claims of Rap being an American/Western style of art and thus not fitting into Iranian tradition for music.

Ravesh is the translation of the English ‘Rhythm And Poetry’ (Rap), which in Farsi will be ‘Reetm Va Sher’ and the Capital Letters (Re Vaav Sheen) put together, constitute the word ‘Ravesh’, meaning ‘Technique’ or ‘Method’. The demo is a part of the upcoming Farsi album ‘Ravesh, The Album’, which will be featuring the Ravesh Azadi group (R4W), which is a common European bid to the Iranian music arena, from European based Iranians, that work together to elaborate on the idea of ‘Ravesh’.

* Tariki [Demo Edition]
* Ravesh (1384)
* Ravesh Part 2

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