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Azam Nemati
Updated November 15, 2006


* No. 172 (Segaah)
* No. 175 (Shur)
* No. 176 (Abu Ata)
* No. 171

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July 25, 2006

I am thirlled to share with fans the magnificent music of legendary Jalil Shahnaz. I had bought the tape a few years back and thanks to Dr. Meshginpoosh for digitizing it so that everyone can listen to these beautiful music pieces of various Dastagaahs.

Solo performances by Jalil Shahnaz
* Abuataa
* Bayate Tork
* Chahargah
* Dashti
* Dashti (Zarbi)
* Isfahan
* Mahour
* Chahargaah Daramade (Zarbi)
* Daramad Va Chaharmezrab
* Chahar Mezrabe Segaah
* Chahar Mezrabe Mahour
* ChaharMezrabeMahour (2)
* Chahar Mezrabe Isfahan

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Hassan Kassaie: Ney
Jalil Shahnaz: Taar
Reza Varzandeh: Santur
Ahmad Ebadi: Setar
Asghar Bahari: Kamancheh

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Taknavazan traditional Persian instrumentals:

Taknavazan 208 "Gharani and Rahab"
Khorram: Violin
Majid Nejahi: Santoor
Jahangir Malek: Tonbak

Taknavazan 207 "Dashti"
Ali Tajvidi: Violin
Jalil Shahnaz: Taar
Mansour Saremi: Santoor
Jahangir Malek Tonbak

Taknavazan 210 "Dashti"
Habibollah Badii: Violin
Fazlollah Tavakol: Santoor
Jahangir Malek: Tonbak

Taknavazan 214 "Mahoor"
Ahmad Ebadi: Setar
Fereydoon Hafezi :Tar
Majid Mousavi: Ney
Jahangir Malek: Tonbak

Taknavazan 236 "Shoor"
Jalile Shahnaaz: Tar
Parviz Yahaghi: Violin
Fazlollah Tavakoli: Santoor
Jahangir Malek : Tombak

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