Compiled by Azam Nemati
February 23, 2003
The Iranian

Googoosh: "Gharib-e Ashenaa"
Dariush: "Booy-e Gandom"
Mehrdad Kazemi: "Nahaan-khaaneye Del"
Frahad: "Shabaaneh"
Marjan: (Emrooz o Fardaa)
Aref: "Doaayeh Man Hamisheh"
Fereydoon Foroghi: "Namaaz"
Music in "Hafteye Khakestari"
Jamshid Jam: "Yaare Dabestaani"
Ahdieh: (title?)
Bijan Bijani: "Ayene dar Ayeneh"
Behzad: "Sobhe Shahaadat"
Farhad: "You Gotta Try"

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