Tasnifhaa-ye Ghadimi

Compiled by Azam Nemati
Updated January 10, 2003
The Iranian

I love this collection ("Tasnifhaa-ye Ghadimi", produced by: Gol Avaz, tel: 818-999-82) because it includes some of the most memorable songs by great singers which we all remember. I personaly love every one of them.

1 Masti (Haideh)
2 Eshgh-e khod haashaa makon (Marzieh)
3 Yaad-e Koodaki (Delkash)
4 Rosvaa-ye zamaaneh (Elaheh)
5 Ey vatan (Nouri)
6 Maraa boosehee deh (Golpa)
7 Man mast-o to divaaneh (Shajarian)
8 Raghib (Delkash and Vigen duet)
9 Mard-e man (Simin Ghanem)
10 Heyroon beshi ey del (Pouran)
11 Migozaram (Marzieh)
12 Tab-e eshgh (Haideh)

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