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Kourosh Yaghmaie

Kourosh Yaghmaie


Updated March 26, 2006

Kourosh Yaghmaie became an overnight success in the early 1970s due to his unique voice and style of singing Persian folk songs accompanied by western instruments. He was a very serious and private artist who avoided the limelight despite his expertise and education in music. His presence in the music scene caused a great deal of debates however, most people liked his new approach to folk music.  In 1976 I and a few of my friends ran into him at an upscale boutique in Tehran. To my surprise he was very friendly and had no problem in joining me making fun of the owner who was so just too polished with perfect manicured hands and expensive Italian suit. We all had a lively debate about music and Iran's political climate! I was impressed with his knowledge of music and politics. "Arayesh Khorshid" is a collection of Iranian folk songs recorded in 1359 (1980). -- Azam Nemati

* Reyhan
* Mastam Mastam
* Shekare Ahoo
* Kelat Melodi
* Sarkoye Doost
* Tow biow
* Dorneh Jaan


* Gol-e Yakh [song] [video]
* Havar Havar
* Entezaar

Thanks to Azam Nemati & Bahram 9821

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