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Farhad Zamani

Compiled by Javaneh Khodabakhsh
June 16, 2004

Farhad Zamani was born in a musical family in Tehran/Iran. He was taught the guitar by his elder brother Kambiz who is still one of the most prominent guitarist. Farhad who has been playing since childhood, later discovered styles derived from Iranian pop music. That encoureged him to travel outside his home country to further experiment with what he had tried in Iran. He arrived in the UK in 1989 and has since been playing alongside renowned Iranian musicians and singers. >>> Visit

Sample tracks
"Beloved Brother"& "Del e Man" CDs

* Gypsi Dance
* Ageh Yeh Rooz
* Rang-e Dastaash
* Tears and Sea
* Last
* Arab Gypsi
* Paaeez
* Aria
* Combination
* Siahmoo

* *

Visit Zamani's site here

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