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Two more reporters arrested

Teheran (dpa) - Two more Iranian reporters have been arrested, one of them a young woman from a former liberal daily and the other from a radical weekly, the daily Tehran Times reported Sunday.

Camellia Entekhabi-Far, a 26-year-old journalist who used to work for the reformist daily Zan (Woman), was arrested late last month after she had returned from the United States, the daily said.

She was reportedly arrested four days ago and twice called her mother, who lives in Teheran.

Entekhabi-Fard is known within the Teheran press as Iran 's Christiane Amanpour, the Anglo- Iranian senior correspondent for CNN, for her adventurous nature.

She has volunteered several times to go as Zan correspondent to crisis areas such as Kosovo and even wanted to go to Afghanistan and meet officials of the ultra-Islamic Taleban group.

Entekhabi-Fard is a devoted supporter of President Mohammad Khatami and was also devoted to her job in the Zan daily, which was run by Faezeh Hashemi, the daughter of former moderate President Akbar Hashemi-Rafsanjani and MP and a leading reformist and women activist.

The Zan daily was closed down in April this year after it published a New Year greeting message by former Empress Farah Diba. The daily is still closed and awaits a trial at the Revolutionary Court, which is in charge for national security offences.

Another reporter arrested is Reza Monjezipur from the radical Islamic weekly Jebheh (War Front). He was arrested Friday after the mass prayer ceremony at the Teheran University in the capital's downtown.

The editor of Jebheh, Massoud Dehnamaki, was temporarily arrested last week for interrogation. Also the Jebheh photographer, Soheyl Karimi, has also been arrested and believed to be in detainment since last week.

Khatami proclaimed last Wednesday that ``special measures'' are to be adopted against radical Islamists who are locally termed as ``pressure groups'' and who try to prevent by force the reform course initiated by Khatami and followed by his supporters.

A press court was supposed to be held against the leading conservative daily but it was again cancelled - for the fourth time within the last six months - as two jury members withdrew from the trial.

Kayhan and the pro-Khatami daily Salaam are both charged by the judiciary to have published classified information from the revolutionary guards corps and intelligence service respectively.


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