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Student group publishes list of people missing since campus unrest

August 9, 1999 (Neshat - BBC Worldwide Monitoring) -- The Council Elected by Students [CES] has issued its communique No 7 regarding the names of the people missing in the Tehran University hostel incident.

The communique said: Following the announcement in communique No 6 of the names of the people missing in the Tehran University hostel incident, it is hereby announced that according to reports received from the public, the whereabouts of Maysam Ardeshiri, Daryush Ramezani, Kamran Alamdehi are now known, and the names of three other people have been added to the list.

Therefore, as stated in the previous communique, and according to the new information which has been received, CES has no knowledge of the whereabouts of the following people: Reza Derakhshandeh, Sa'id Sezavar, Mahmud Shushtari, Reza Azizi, Shahram Alizadeh and Mohmud Mohammadi-Qomi.

Regarding people missing in the incidents outside the hostel, CES said that the council has no knowledge of the whereabouts of Majid Kaboli, Mahmud Seyanaki and Javad Abedini.

According to the people who have been released, the arresting officers had confiscated their belonging, including identity papers, but had not returned them on release.

It should be asked that if the arresting officers were acting in an official capacity, why are the individuals who are releasing them unaware of their belongings including their documents?


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