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Execution sqauds may go into action in Iran soon

July 14, (Iranian Human Rights Working Group) - Following the attacks by security forces and state-supported "Ansarrollah" groups on students demonstrating in Tehran since Friday 9th July 1999, a number of students have been killed, hundreds injured and scores of protestors have been arrested in Tehran and many other cities.

The latest news suggest that orders have gone out to the security forces to use whatever force necessary to suppress these demonstrations and prevent any further open opposition in the streets and on university campuses ["The revolutionary and religious forces will restore Full securityat all costs", Defence Minister Admiral Ali Shamkhani said Tuesday night.]

Moreover, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in a statement issued at early hours of Wednesday 14th July (local time), threatened all those who take part in these demonstrations to the death penalty on charges of "fighting God" and "corruption on earth". This means that all those who have already been arrested are in danger of losing their lives on these bogus charges.

We appeal to all human rights groups and international bodies to help prevent perpetration of this human tragedy and gross violation of human rights. We further hold the government in Iran fully responsible for the atrocities carried out by the security forces and unofficial "pressure groups" until such time that the state takes effective measures to curb these activities and bring the perpetuators to account in public trials.

We also demand that the government provide a full account of the number of fatalities over the past few days and return the bodies of those killed to their families.

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