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Student demands


Translated and distributed by the Alliance for Defense of Human Rights in Iran, Washington, D.C. All comments in the brackets are from the Alliance.

The brutal attacks on student demonstrations at Tehran University opens yet another chapter in the tyrannical rule of the Islamic regime in Iran and a new momentum in the student movement. The Islamic regime has chosen the path of severe brutality, as their means of governing a nation, and using force, intimidation, arrest, kidnapping and murder of intellectuals, freedom-loving students, attack and closing down of newspaper offices, the offices of political organizations and violating civil liberties in order to continue their repressive rule.

Today, they are witnessing the result of their vicious suppression on the innocent Iranian people. Today, the fires have begun in the "student allies" but will continue to burn in other areas of the city and if the tyrants do not listen to the voice of the students, this fire will burn those who are ruling us.

Our demands include:

1. Freedom of all political prisoners, and especially those students who have been arrested by the special University security forces at the dormitories. The freedom of Tabarzadi [one of the student leaders], Kadivar [a religious cleric, critical of regime's policies] and Abbas Amir Entezam [the longest held political prisoner since 1979].

2. Reopening of all newspapers including "self-identity", " Salam", "Toos", "Zan", and the weekly journal "Voice of Students"

3. Arrest and punishment of those responsible for the recent vicious attacks on the students and especially the "Ansar of Hezbollah" group who have knifed the students.

4. Returning the kidnapped bodies of murdered students to their families and giving permission for their proper burial.

5. Transfer of the military forces and their authority to the Interior Ministry.

6. Nullify the new "Press Law" being adopted by the Islamic Assembly for censorship.

7. Publishing the full confessions of Saeid Eslami [one of the ring leaders arrested and then announced "killed in Prison"; responsible for the murders of Forouhars and writers a few months ago in Iran]

8. Announcing the latest information with regard to the murder investigations by the office of President of the Republic to the nation.

9. Open trial for all accused in the political murders in the Fall 1998.

10. Nationalization of Mostazafain Foundation, publishing a complete financial report on the activities of this foundation and its Director, Mohsan RafighDoust.

11. Publishing the whole work [report] of the Assembly of Experts to the Iranian people and the realm of its legal duties.

12. The removal of Mr. Larijani as the head of the Iranian Radio & Television network. This public media should not be in the exclusive hands of ruling Islamic elite and its illegal activities must stop.

13. Freedom of Ayatollah Montazeri [ the highest clerical leader under house arrest since 1982]

14. Questioning Mohammad Yazdi for his role as the head of the Judicial system regarding the political trials of the past year.

Long Live Freedom Down with tyranny


Translated and distributed by the Alliance for Defense of Human Rights in Iran, Washington, D.C. All comments in the brackets are from the Alliance.


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