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`Salam' closure illegal, editor says

BBC Worldwide Monitoring

July 22, Hamshahri - At a meeting with the staff of the daily `Salam', Hojjat ol-Eslam val-Moslemin Musavi-Kho'iniha, the managing-editor of `Salam', spoke about the closing down of the daily...

He said: I did not think that they would close down `Salam' but, since the way `Salam'was treated was not in accordance with laws and regulations, it could not have been foreseen. And, for that reason, the future of `Salam' cannot be predicted . Even if it had been a confidential document, under the law, they still would not have had the right to close `Salam' down. They should have held a trial and heard our defence and then passed ruling after the jury's verdict. The truth is that, because of their method of approach, I feel that they had already made up their minds and were just waiting for an excuse .

He added: In my opinion, that decision was a mistake and harmful to the interests of the state...

In reply to a question by a `Salam' correspondent as to whether another newspaper would replace `Salam', Kho'iniha said: Neither another newspaper, nor a magazine. Only `Salam' should be revived.

Another person in the audience asked: One of the newspapers believes that the closing down of `Salam' was aimed at banishing you from the political arena. Is that true? Musavi-Kho'iniha said: I will answer that after the trial on Sunday [25th July].


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