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Iranian psychiatric patients go for spectacular joy ride

TEHRAN, May 13 (AFP) - Two mentally ill patients from the psychiatric wing of a Tehran hospital stole their doctor's car to go for a joy ride which ended in a spectacular collision with coke bottles and several other cars.

Behruz and Mohsen, aged 30 and 45 respectively, had been patients in the psychiatric ward of Roozbe Hospital in southern Tehran for several years, Entekhab (Choice) newspaper reported Thursday.

The two patients, after seizing the car of their young psychiatrist, sped away at top speed and eventually lost control crashing into a shopkeeper's coke bottle store and finally into several parked cars.

Faced with the smiles of the two "lunatics" in blue uniforms, the shopkeeper became enraged and began hitting the two men, the paper said.

Behruz and Mohsen, who were eventually handed over to police, explained that they had merely wanted to "go for a ride."


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