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Open Letter from Iranian activists in Iran

The following text is translated from Farsi by About Iran. Certain metaphorical sentences have not been directly translated.

May 10, 1999

Dear Compatriots:

One hundred seventy bitter days have passed since the silencing of two shining stars of freedom and liberty of the Iranian nation. In the meantime, the culprits are still free, the wheels of justice are still immobile, and the nation is still waiting [for answers]!

The great cruelty with which this shameful crime was inflected upon [Dariush and Parvaneh Forouhar] , two brave and self sacrificing commanders of this ancient country, has severely harmed the hearts and minds of the freedom loving men and women of our culture loving country, and everyone, young and old, expects justice [for them].

Like [the Persian ancient epic figure] Siavosh, whose [innocent] blood [was spilled] and has been steaming all over the large plains of Iran for thousands of years, Dariush and Parvaneh's blood was also shed on the tulip fields of the same plains. Every spring, the renewed growth of the [red] tulips, reminds us of their innocent blood which was shed on the soil by vampire type [criminals] in the darkness of a cold Autumn night [in November 1998].

The decent Iranian nation has [always] sought justice for the brave [and martyred] children of this divine land and they shall continue to do so. It is our belief that divine hands shall, sooner or later, avenge these victims and expose the demonic criminals in their disgrace to the world.

Although the governing authorities have repeatedly called for exposing those responsible for this horrendous crime and for implementing justice, their promises have not yet been kept and our great nation is still waiting!

The people of this land who empathize [with this cause] seek justice for the unjust assassination of these two freedom loving, prolific and brave children of Iran and for other [assassinated] dissidents and literary writers. We, once again, plead for the implementation of justice and the disclosure of the disgraced and sinister criminals who have bereaved and made mournful the Iranian nation. We impatiently await the formation of an open trial for prosecuting and revealing those who plotted, ordered and carried out these horrendous crimes.

We, the signatories of this statement, reiterate that we shall continue with our efforts and endeavors until we obtain these just demands. In the event that the Islamic Republic's judiciary and enforcement offices [further] postpone the implementation of justice, the people of Iran will be rightful in undertaking their entire resources and capabilities to expose the commanders and implementers of these savage assassinations.

Singed By:

Ali Ardalan, Mohandes Fraydoun Aghasi, Dr. Saeed Al-Agha, Mehrdad Arfa-Zadeh, Mohandes Bamdad Arfa-Zadeh, Dr. Mohammd Abol-Hasani, Dr. Mostafa Akhlaghi, Hamid Asefi, Akbar Akhavan, Farzaneh Eskandari, Dr. Mahmoud Emami, Abbas Afkhami, Mohandes Manuchehr Ehteshami, Retired Brigadier General, Azizollah Amir-Rahimi, Mehdi Eslami, Dr. Abbas Ansari, Hamid Ahrari, Elaheh Amir-Entezam, Hossein Arabi, Farhad Amir-Ebrahimi, Abbas Entekhab, Hadi Amiri, Alireza Afshari, Niaz Ariya, Azam Akbar-Zadeh, Hossein Afshar, Ahmad Ariyanfar, Dr. Davood Hermidas Bavand, Dr. Behrouz Boroumand, Mohandes Abdolali Bazargan, Simin Behbahani, Mehdi Beheshti, Mohandes Abolfazel Bazargan, Mohammad Bastenegar, Mohandes Morteza Badiee, Dr. Rahmatollah Borhani, Safa Bitaraf, Mansour Babaie, Farhad Behgoo, Dr. Torabali Baratali, Mohammad Reza Bateni, Dr. Saeed Bashirtash, Ali Akbar Behmanesh, Forough Bahmanpour, Maryam Bahmanpour, Asghar Badbar, Mohandes Mohammad Behzadi, Dr. Habibollah Payman, Hassan Parsa, Taghi Parsa, Dr. Mahmoud Pishbin, Zabiollah Poorfar, Abbas Poorazahari, Aziz Poorhamid, Dr. Mohammad Pedram, Mohandes Mohammad Tavasoli, Dr. Nasser Takmil Homayoun, Dr. Gholamabas Tavasoli, Mohandes Majid Toolaei, Hadi Tofangchi, Dr. Abbas Tajdini, Rahim Torabi Nejad, Maryam Nadi, Mohandes Mostafa Tanha, Ali Janani, Dr. Ali Akbar Jalali, Dr. Nasrollah Jamshidi, Dr. Behiyeh Jilani, Parisa Jafari, Anahita Jafari, Seyed Hossein Jafari, Mohammad Jabarooti, Abolfazel Hakimi, Mohammad Hossein Hajiian, Manuchehr Haidari Monfared, Nemat Haj Ramezani, Majid Hakimi, Dr. Seyfollah Hassan Zadeh, Abdolkarim Hakimi, Mohandes Saeed Hejazi, Mohandes Haj Ghasemali, Hossein Khashayar Doost, Mohammad Hossein Khotanifar, Mohammad Khalilnia, Mohandes Heshmatollah Khozoei, Mohammad Khalili, Mohammad Khaleghi, Moharam Khalil-Zadegan, Khalil Khalilpoor, Gholamreza Khosh Kholg, Shahram Kheiyltash, Mohandes Hooshang Kheyr Andish, Rasoul Dadmehr, Dr. Habib Davaran, Abdollah Daysana, Dr. Mahmoud Delasani, Jamal Doroodi, Dibamehr, Ali Akbar Darvishiyan, Abbas Daneshgar, Hossein Darvish, Hossein Zoka, Abdollah Radnia, Abdollah Rahimi, Mansour Rasouli, Bahman Rezakhani, Dr. Reza Rais-Toosi, Dr. Hossein Rafie, Hossein Razi, Taghi Rahmani, Dr. Fariborz Rais-Dana, Mohandes Mohsen Raftiyan, Asghar Rezaei, Ahad Rezaei, Dr. Ali Rashidi, Javad Rahbari Nia, Majid Rezaei, Jahangir Razavi, Alireza Rejaei, Dr. Manuchehr Rafei, Dr. Seyfollah Rezaei, Dr. Ahmad Ali Rejaei, Mohandes Kourosh Zaeim, Ali Zarinehbaf, Hosseinzad Issa, Hassan Zarafshan, Mehdi Zamani, Ahmad Zeydabadi, Mohandes Mahmoud Zandiyan, Mehdi Zamatkesh, Dr. Yadollah Sahabi, Mohandes Ezzatollah Sahabi, Khosrow Seyf, Seyd Mohammad Hassan Sadat Ghosheh, Alireza Sarikhani, Seyed Mohammad Sajjadi, Badri Saeedi, Abbas Sarv-Alishahi, Nabi Soltani, Nasrin Sotoodeh, Haj Ali Gholi Soozani, Iraj Salamat, Mansour Soroush, Dr. Ahmad Sepehri, Seyed Hossein Sakaki, Dr. [], Dr. Ahmad Saei, Ali Asghar Sadei, Mohammad Ali Safari, Reza Gholi Saloor, Hossein Solaymani, Hossein Shah Hosseini, Mossa Shaikzadehgan, Dr. Ahmad Shayegan, Mohandes Hossein Shahveissi, Hasanali Shahbazi, Homayon Shahnavaz, Javad Sharafedin, Ali Shoja, Abbas Shahsavari, Manuchehr Shojaeyan, Mohandes Shaghafi, Mohandes Hashem Sabaghian, Ahmad Sadr Haj Seyd Javadi, Hasanali Sarem Kalali, Dr. Siavosh Sehat, Javad Sahebi, Hodi Saber, Mozafar Safari, Mahvash Salehi, Manuchehr Sabooni, Mohandes Kayvan Samimi, Vida Saremi, Ahmad Samimi, Mehdi Sarraf, Dr. Ghasem Salehkhoo, Mahamoud Sooresrafil, Mohandes Shirin Sooresrafil, Mohandes Ahmad Sianati, Ali Ashraf Zarghami, Fraydoun Zarghami, Azita Zahirian Moghadam, Azam Taleghani, Mohammad Taneghi, Dr. Hooshang Talle, Hooshang Tabatabie, Mohandes Yousef Taheri, Akbar Tahmasebi, Dr. Hessam Taleghani, Mohandes Ali Akbar Taheri, Maziyar Talebi, Reza Alijani, Mahmoud Omrani, Shirin Ebadi, Homa Abedi, Mohandes Mohammad Jafar Emadi, Ahmad Asgari Rad, Mohandes Ali Ezzat Zadeh, Mohandes Hossein Ezat Zadeh, Dr. Seyed Ali Asghar Gharavi, Dr. Hassan Farid Alam, Dr. Ghafar Farzdi, Retired Major General Naser Farbod, Dr. Abolghasem Foroozan, Roozbeh Farahani Poor, Razan Faribakolahi, Esmail Fazelpoor, Amir Fatahieh, Alireza Farhadi, Amir Falamarzi, Mohandes Saeed Firoozi, Sadegh Farrokh, Mohandes Mostafa Fazeli, Naser Fakhr Soltani, Dr. Nezamedin Ghahari, Dr. Abdolhossein Ghasemi, Hojjat Ghiasi, Mostafa Ghasemi, Esmail Ghavam Shahidi, Hassan Ghadyani, Dr. Manuchehr Kayhani, Dr. Kazem Kardavani, Morteza Kazemian, Nasser Kamilian, Amir Kaviyani, Nasser Kellari, Hossein Ketabnevis, Mohandes Ali Asghar Golsorkhi, Kaveh Goharin, Mahmoud Gorgin, Fatemeh Govaraei, Fraydoun Gedabloo, Kousha Golzar, Kayvan Golzar, Hassan Lebaschi, Abbas Lotfipoor, Masoud Ladani, Reza Lavasani, Ali Lotfi, Morteza Lasani, Esmail Lasani, Abdollah Lasani, Azzizollah Lasani, Mohandes Ali Akbar Moeinfar, Morteza Mashhadi, Dr. Mohammad Motaghi, Dr. Mostafa Mallaz, Hassan Mir Mohammad Sadeghi, Assad Mousavi, Mohandes Nezamedin Movahed, Abbas Sogooei, Mohandes Iraj Momeni, Mohammad Mohammadi Ardehali, Retired Brigadier Nasser Mojallali, Seyed Javad Modarshahi, Esmail Moftizadeh, Masoud Monyan, Fazlollah Mashayekh, Mohandes Bahaman Milani, Hormoz Momayezi, Mohandes Mohsen Mohagheghi, Khosrow Mansourain, Hadi Motameni, Hamid Monazah, Hossein Madani, Saeed Madani, Dr. Manuchehr Mohebi, Dr. Mashallah Madihi, Mehran Mir Abdolbaghi, Mohammad Modaress, Sadegh Madani Mosavi, Marzieh Mortazi Langeroodi, Farzin Mokhber, Dr. Fazlollah Mostafavi, Samad Maleki, Mostafa Mostafavi, Zia Mesbah, Mostafa Meskin, Mohandes Gholamreza Masmoui, Dr. Mohammad Maleki, Abolfazl Shams Shahshahani, Ali Asghar Moeinfar, Dr. Kazem Mostafid, Vahid Mirzadeh, Simin Mokhber, Mohammad Reza Montazer Haghighi, Akbar Masoum Beygi, Mehrdad Mirsanjari, Nastaran Mousavi, Professor Ahmad Merhdad, Jamshid Mir Emadi, Hashem Monfared, Dr. Asghar Minoo, Mohammad Malek Khani, Professor Sadegh Maserat, Hossein Mojtahedi, Mostafa Mousavi Doost, Mohandes Bahram Namazi, Mohammad Hassan Naeiniyan, Khosrow Najar-Zadeh, Mohandes Esmail Nateghi, Amir Nasiri, Mohandes Seyed Hamid Noohi, Seyed Mehdi Nateghi, Mahmoud Nekorooh, Majid Niyarami, Mohandes Ali Akbar Nooshin, Fakhrolsadat Noorbakhsh, Mohandes Mahmoud Naimpoor, Mohandes Reza Nakhashb, Dr. Ali Akbar Naghi Poor, Dr. Parviz Varjavand, Dr. Hassan Vahab Aghaei, Mojtaba Varshokar, Hamid Varasteh, Dr. Mohammad Vafaei, Dr. Hadi Hadizadeh, Parviz Homayouni, Mohandes Alireza Hendi, Dr. Abdolreza Hooshang Mahdavi, Bahedin Hatefi, Dr. Ebrahim Yazdi, Hassan Yousefi Eshkevari, Haj Mohammad Hassan Yeganeh, Lotfollah Yousef Ghahari.

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