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U.S. census: Count yourself in

The following is a communication form Mr. Ramin Moshiri, president of the Association of Iranian American Professionals (AIAP) in San Diego, regarding the Census-2000 and how the Iranian community should attempt to be counted in a recognized category. Referring to the forms, it appears that there is a 'Ancestry or ethnic origin' field that should be filled as "Iranian".

From what I have read, Census-2000 forms are set. Iranian-Americans can select "caucasian", also check off "Other" or "write-in" category to enter "Iran" as the "racial" category.

Q: Should it be Iran or Iranian?.

A: Here are two government sites for Census-2000:



FYI, I have attached few emails to/from Census office.

Please share your thoughts and any ideas on this topic. To me, it seems like the efforts must be in 2 areas:

1. Ask census folks to inform the public of the option "Other" and being able to "write in" their origins (ie. Iran).

2. Spread this word around in Iranian-American communities.

3. Now that we are at it, ask our community members to register and participate in Election-2000


Ramin Moshiri
AIAP President, 1999


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