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The Silent Brush: Iranian contemporary artists in Washington DC

Press Release

Contact: Aisha D. Davis
Phone: 202.986.7885
April 2, 2000

Join us for a gallery tour every Saturday in the month of May!

For the first time in 20 years, since the Islamic Revolution in Iran, a collection of the most prominent contemporary artists from Iran has been brought to the United States.

This collection was first introduced at the International Artexpo and CIMA art gallery in New York in March and April 2000, and will be opening in Washington DC at the International Trade Center on May 4, 2000 till May 31, 2000.

This collection of art work is brought to the United States through the concerted efforts and cooperation of three major galleries in Tehran, Iran: Aria,Vali and Nour Art Galleries. The exhibition will be traveling from Washington D.C., to Los Angeles and San Francisco. Gallery Ovissi, California and Evolving Perceptions and Desho Productions, Washington D.C., are major organizers of the tour.

This exhibition in Washington, DC was made possible by a very generous donation by Chevron Corporation.

The Silent Brush traces four major periods in the development of contemporary Iranian art. Works by some of the most famous artists in Iran will be seen for the first time in the United States. Over 100 art masterpieces will be on display and among artists' names we see mature artists such as Ehsaii, Taraghi jah, Tabrizi, Ossuli, and many more.

Join us for a gallery tour every Saturday in the month of May!



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