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Mortar rounds hit eastern Tehran, none said hurt

TEHRAN, Aug 28 (Reuters) - Five mortar rounds struck a former army base in eastern Tehran early on Monday, but there were no casualties or damage, the official IRNA news agency said.

It said the rounds landed harmlessly in an open expanse of the former base, in Heshmatieh, which was used to house Iraqi POWs.

A spokesman for the Iraq-based Mujahideen Khalq movement told Reuters in Dubai by telephone that his movemment was responsible for the attack, which was carried out at 6:00 a.m. (0130 GMT).

``There have been reports of casualties among the senior officers who work in this compound and ambulances have been seen going into the compound and going out,'' the spokesman said.

He said the attack was in response to what he called a government crackdown on residents of the city of Khorramabad in western Iran following days of protests.

The city has been the scene of clashes between reformist students and hardline vigilantes.

Three Iranian soldiers were killed in a border area by the rebels, state radio said on Sunday. It said dozens of Mujahideen fighters were killed or wounded and many weapons seized in weekend skirmishes.

The Mujahideen Khalq said at the weekend in a statement faxed to Reuters in Dubai that its forces had clashed with Iranian security units which had crossed the border in pursuit of the rebels.

The opposition group said it had pounded Iranian forces with ``more than 1,000 rounds of mortar and rockets,'' leaving ``hundreds'' dead or wounded.

The English-language Tehran Times, which has good security sources, said the Mujahideen had attacked three Iranian border towns with mortars.


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