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February 23, 2000

My name is Michael Chessman, I am the founder of The Coalition for a Humanistic British Canada. My parents are shiite moslems and are very well fit with Iranian culture, indeed I believe that both my father (Golamabbas) and my mother (Fatima Dalal) trace their real roots back to Iran despite having Indian factors in their lineage.

I have recently been asking (in national radio interviews as well as newspapers) for a recognition that Iranians are in fact a European peoples and deserve to be accorded this respect. Further that they are a really loving people, and ones that do not practice being whores as they do in North American culture where "families are disposable" and sex is the basis for morality.

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I am involved at present in a campaign to cleanse Canada of non Europeans and to bring in more Europeans such as Persians, Greeks, Italians, French along with Germanics including the Brits. I am currently facing charges for this, and this should soon be national news here in Canada. Pls feel free to contact me for whatever reason...

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Addendum from Michael Chessman March 20, 2007:

I am now clear that my ancestry is in fact Italian and that I was raised by an adopted (kindly westernly leaning Iranian) family based in East Africa. My mother was very French like (typical of many Iranians who speak French) while my father was a kindly Italian figure.

My earlier criticism of western culture as practiced in North America relates to the fact that much superficiality exists in relationships as compared to Europe and this was the gist of my intended message at the time. While few Iranians are in fact of recent European descent I think that a good many of them them to be decent loving people who have European heritage as a very real fact of their daily existence In this respect we have always considered they should be welcome into any concept of European based cultural modelling.

Michael Chessman
Coalition Euro British Canada


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