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Drawing the lines: Four Iranian artists living in New York

March 24 though April 28
Opening reception 18:30 to to 21:00

Drawing The Line: Four Iranian Artists Living In New York presents a selection of mixed-media paintings and works on paper by the artists Ardeshir Mohasses, Nicky Nodjumi, Nahid Hagigat and Hengameh Fouladvand at La Maison, Columbia University.

This group show intends to aquaint the audience with the works of four distinguished Iranian artists whose career has partly developed in the United States. Even if the show is not structured around a specific theme, the exhibition confronts the audience with the physical and psychological sensations one encounters in the field of painting and representation.

The works of these four Iranians artists have the rare quality of being personal and process-oriented at the same time, concerned with this particular moment when the emotional tumult encounters art history.

Ardeshir Mohasses is the most inmediately and blatantly political portraitist of the visual. His politics though are not just a politics of having-been-there or a politics of having-seen-it, but a persistently palpable politics of still-being-there, a politics of still-seeing-it. Under the gaze of Mohasses the world he sees dissolves, dis-figures, falls apart, breaks into pieces.

Nicky Nodjumi's homo satiricus is the sojourner of some nightmarish satire. His visual anti-manifesto finds it expression in a frightful escape into the extremity of no-where, where things become a remembrance of themselves.

Nahid Hagigat is a book-breaker, a paginating pager of the past. She sees what she reads. A painter of pages past, she also subverts classical images to create a new mythology. Hagigat paintings reminds us that the word Miniature  does not mean small at all, but refinement.

In Hengameh Fouladvand's works mysticism and spirituality are central elements, which often find a visual translation in a synergic use of color. The suface of her paintings seems to be possessed by a centrifugal force that captures the nuances of motion.

This exhibition has been made possible thanks to the generous support of Professor Hamid Dabashi


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