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    Open Letter by Iranian Writers to President Khatami

    Translated by About Iran
    December 12, 1998
    The Iranian

    Mr. Khatami, the Respected President of the Islamic Republic:

    We respectfully submit to you an open letter [above] by a group of Iran's writers to [our] dear compatriots. As you are aware, in recent days, in continuation of other murders, Mohammad Mokhtari was [found] murdered in a gruesome way. Also, Mohammad Jafar Pooyandeh has been abducted, and as of now, we do not know his fate .

    We, the writers, insistently ask you, as the chief of the executive branch and the protector of citizens' right to life, to end this debilitating situation. Also, Iran's writers ask that:

    1) They be provided with complete security as they perform their cultural and everyday activities.

    2) They be provided with the right conditions in which they can openly organize Iran Writers' Association as their professional organization.

    3) [There be] a prompt [investigation into] the murders of the last few years, and especially the most recent ones, and that those responsible be identified, tried and punished. We hope that the respected President keeps the people of Iran and especially the writers informed of his activities on the above matters.

    Singed by: Simin Behbahani, Farkhondeh Haji-Zadeh, Ahmad Shamlou, Houshang Golshiri, Mehdi Gharib, Houshang Hesami, Javad Mojabi, Masoud Minavi, Mohammad Khalili, Amir Hassan Chehl-Tan, Ali Ashraf Darvishiyan, Esmail Raha, Khashayar Dayhimi, Kazem Sadat Eshkevari, Dariush Ashuri, Jamshid Navaie, Firouz Gouran, Shirin Ebadi, Mehrangiz Kar, Kazem Kardevani, Abbas Mokhber, Roshanak Dariush, Fereshteh Sari, Ali Salehi, Ali Baba Chahi, Ali Reza Jabbari, Farideh Kheradmand, Mahin Khadivi, Nastaran Mousavi, Akbar Masoum Beygi, Mohsen Hakimi, Parviz Babaie, Enayat Samiee, Eraj Kaboli, Changiz Pahlevan, Kasar Onghaie, Hadi Ghabraie, Media Kashigar, Ebrahim Younesi, Asadollah Emadi, Nosrat Mehregan, Mohammad Reza Safdari, Anwar Khamehei, Moniroo Ravani-Pour, Fariborz Rais-Dana, Kaveh Goharin, Mahmoud Dowlat-Abadi, Nahid Mousavi, Kamran Jamali, Abdolali Azimi.

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