Sarkuhi's wife on Sarkuhi's sentence

From: Payman Arabshahi

Deutsche Welle Persian (German Radio) did a telephone interview with Faraj Sarkuhi's wife, Farideh Zebarja on Thursday, 18 September. Her main points:

-- "At about one in the afternoon when I came home I had a message from Faraj who had called twice. He had wanted to talk to us but it was school hours and we could not be home. He said he been sentenced to one year for acts against the Islamic Republic and will be released in Bahman ... (January 21)"

-- "It seems that [Judiciary Chief] Ayatollah Yazdi and others have retreated from their previous charges of spying, etc., that had been mentioned in the official press ..."

-- "I don't think I can go back to Iran to see him but will do all in my power to enable Faraj to come abroad."

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