I read your message and believe that you are without question in tune with the dilemma that is facing the Iranians who live in this country or any other country in the world.

What we shall remember however is that like it or not we will always be referred to as those damned Iranians.

Do not lose hope, some day the whole world will refer to Iran as the best and the greatest. Just read the history.


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In the name of Allah

Hello Mr.

Having no idea how much education you've got, I think usually the beginnings are opened by mentioning the name of god. I am talking about the Editor's Note, if you want to know.

Mohsen Dadgar-Kiani, mdkiani@chat.carleton.ca

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The Iranian is operated by various agents of the outlaw Islamic Republic. Some of these agents also work for the molla Aftab TV program while others organize seminars to improve the clerical dictatorship's badly damaged image, and try to attract investors for the regime.

Therefore, the outrageous claim that this propaganda organization is an independent magazine, free from political or religious affiliations is a blatant fabrication aimed to deceive people.

Anonymous posting on Soc.Culture.Iranian

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I noticed that in the beginning there were a lot of derogatory comments about [The Iranian] on SCI. Don't worry about those few people because most people that I know, think very positively of the magazine.

Alireza Faheeh, afaheeh@newssun.med.miami.edu

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You are right about exaggerating about the number of Iranians in the U.S. Our professional experience puts them at under 500,000.

You are also right about us being cynical about the media, perhaps our tendency to play fast and loose with facts might be one of the reasons.

Anyway I just wanted to congratulate you on your effort and wish you luck.

Amin Sepehri, Mage Publishers Inc., mage1@access.digex.net

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I want to congratulate you on a great job well done. When you talked about this idea, I didn't think it would be possible, or feasible. I also didn't think you would get interesting contributions.

But I have to admit, this is a success. The stories are all to the point and interesting. The political editorial position is uncompromised. The balance between articles from Iran and about Iran is very good. You've done a great job, and you did it so quietly, and with modesty and a fine style.

The only thing I can suggest to improve this, is the graphic design. It could be more attractive, and less conservative. Good luck with this. I'm looking forward to future editions.

Dastet Dard Nakoneh.

Behnam Nateghi, nateghi@pipeline.com

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I read your article [Omid Payrow's "We, the Nomads"] with great interest and was truly amazed with the degree of accuracy of your writing as it relates to us and our generation.

It would be justified to call your article sad and disturbing as I have always been aware of these internal feeling but had chosen to bury my feeling along with any hopes of seeing my birth place ever again.

As we walk through life in this land which identifies us as outsiders, it is imperative to remember that we have selected this life for ourselves and even though at times, forced in to selecting the undesirables, we must, we shall have faith that maybe some day, before we lose our vision, we can see what is called home again. Maybe.....


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Fabulous work. [Are the paintings] available in any galleries in this country (U.S.)?

Ahmad Mohazab, terborsch@msn.com

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You have taken a giant step in joining Iranians together with your artistic magazine. I hope this will be 'the place' that all of us can assemble and 'visit', exchange ideas, discuss our plans and dreams, remind one another what we have been and what we CAN become.

It is not an easy task to produce a fine publication such as The Iranian. You have to be ready to overcome any roadblock and ignore any baseless accusation that may come your way.

There are as many opinions among us as there are colors in the rainbow, and each one of us may call you "lefti, middlei, or righti". You have to have steady feet and chose the best track and continue your journey. Do not let pessimistic dishearten you from getting to your ideals and goals.

I am sure many of us who yearn to excel, will support you along the way. And eventually all of us will gain the knowledge to recognize the facts.


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I hope your efforts can introduce rationality into Americans' perceptions of Iran. Good Luck!

Christopher Hulse , crh@ix.netcom.com

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I would like to comment on the statement made by the American visitor to Iran. The gentleman states: "All that remains of the statue [in Sa'dabad Palace] are his [Reza Shah's] legs.

I should inform our friend that the statue never had a body to begin with, not even in the Shah's era. Naturally, there was nothing to be removed.

Amir H. Sadaghiani, amirs@interlog.com

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I must say I am very impressed with your magazine. A friend of mine (non-Iranian) just sent me the address and my reaction after seeing the magazine was: No way! There are smart Iranians out there.

The truth is that there are very few good magazines out there. My family moved to the U.S. just seven years ago and I am fluent in Farsi but am often frustrated by the trash printed in "magazines" in southern California.

At any rate, good job and watch out, because the Iranian culture in the U.S. is often about bands, parties, makeup and dresses. Don't give in!

Afra Zomorodian, afra@glim.Stanford.edu

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From an American married to a woman from Tabriz, with a beautiful little girl who combines the best of both worlds....your first issue is beautiful!

Andrew Burnett, andrewb@bids.sshare.com

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I have been reading [The Iranian] in my spare time and I should tell you that I'm extremely impressed.

The rich content, clear formatting, and the variety, all make your publication very inviting to the reader. I'd like to congratulate you on your accomplishment and wish you luck in making The Iranian a success.

Babak Nabili, BNabili@bangate.compaq.com

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How beautiful! As an Iranian and human being I am awed [by The Iranian]!

Sh ervin P ishevar, pishevar@uclink3.berkeley.edu

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