Snapshots from Tehran September, 1995.

  1. Rock'n'Revolution. Names of Western rock bands have proliferated on street walls...

  2. But "Down with U.S.A." slogans have not all gone away. Yet.

  3. Don't have a gav, man. Bart Simpson birthday candles made locally.

  4. Arnold Schmarnold: This Iranian iron-man has twice won the Asian body-building championship.

  5. The Jane Fonda Syndrome: A women's health and beauty center in Tehran.

  6. A broken PC on display at Bahman Cultural Center's science museum. Should've gotten a Mac.

  7. No bull: Chicago Bulls sneakers made in Iran.

  8. Charlie Chaplin Cinema at the Bahman Cultural Center: You won't see "Showgirls" here.

  9. Kaam's Corn Flakes. Pretty good. Seriously.

  10. The Buffet Wall: Brothers on the right, sisters on the left.

  11. Tehran municipality's clean-up drive slogan: "God is beautiful and He loves beautiful things." Beautiful.

  12. Guitar lessons. Make your own joke.

  13. Schedule of demonstrations against ties, loose scarves, rap music, unlawful contacts between men and women mountain climbers -- and Jay Leno.

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