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Iranian of the century

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Ayatollah Khomeini
Internet survey

January 4, 1999
The Iranian

The second highest number of votes (14%) in The Iranian survey went to the late Ayatollah Rouhollah Khomeini. Many of those who picked him as the Iranian of the century did not do so because they agreed with what he did but because of his enormous impact -- good or bad. See comments from voters below.

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- 180 degrees
- Biggest impact
- Better or worse
- No other
- Cannot be overlooked

- Upside down
- Destructive
- Abolish monarchy
- Return to roots
- U.S. friend
- Ended 2,500 years
- Greatest revolution
- Infamous
- Protestantism
- Real face
- Most influence
- Dignity

- Huge
- Unique
- Changed hisotry
- No matter
- Leader

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180 degrees

* No other man has brought about so much change in so little time, altered millions of lives and changed Iran's course of development 180 degrees.

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Most influence

* By the virtue of the Iranian Revolution, he was and remains the soul Iranian that has had the most influence on Iran, the world, and the method of human thought. Whether the influence was positive or negative, remains a personal opinion that is still mixed with a large amount of personal and emotional bias. Babak Mohit

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Changed hisotry

* He not only changed the course of history in Iran, (ending the kingdom and starting a new era), he is the only Iranian who had the most influence in the Islamic world, and even changed other countries' attitude toward the West, more specific US. Masoud

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Cannot be overlooked

* Whether one agrees with his policies, religious practices and his whole existence, it is undeniable that he has played the most important role in this century's history of Iran. Whether one is in exile because of his regime, or one is in Iran, his influence as an Iranian on the daily lives of individuals and on the international community cannot be overlooked. Alex Sardar

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Greatest revolution

* His fearless struggle against oppressors lead to the victory of the greatest revolution of all time. God bless his soul. Asgar Rouhani

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* Because he presented the true picture of the Shiite version of the Islamic faith and its intertwined tradtions. This should have already paved the way for a reformed version of this religion, a protestanism similar to christianity before the rencnassisance. Anonymous

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Real face

* He introduced the real face of Islam, Iran and Iranians. Sayyed Hossein Nezhadi

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Biggest impact

* He had the biggest impact among all the other great leaders (such as Dr. Mossadegh or Mr. Khatami). The changes that Ayatollah Khomeini made (good or bad, they could be argued) made history and will be ever-lasting. Ehsan Jalilian

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Upside down

* I would like to nominate The Ayatollah, for making history and turning a country up side down in a snap. Kas Ebrahimi

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* For giving Iran its independence, integrity and dignity.

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* He was a leader in making big changes in Iran. Whether it being good or bad the changes that he caused were huge. Ali Zadeh

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* For leading the most destructive revoultion than any before in history. B.

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Abolish monarchy

* Because he finally managed to do what most Iranians had wished to do for centuries: abolish the monarchy. Annonymous

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* Because he did a great job in changing Iran's history. What he did was unique in the 20th century. A. Ghods

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Return to roots

* Because he returned the nation to its religious and traditional roots, against the tide of global Westernization. The revolution has laid the grounds for Iran to become a true democracy with a distinct national and religious identity. No longer does Iran lick the boot of the U.S. for scraps. B.B.

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No other

* Ayatollah Khomeini is the Iranian of the century because no other Iranian had more impact or influence with respect to getting Iran to where it is today. In addition, no Iranian has had more of an impact on how non-Iranians view Iran and its people. In my opinion, Khomeini is one of the twenty most important people of the century, up there with Lenin, Hassan al'Banna, Churchill, Henry Ford and FDR.

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No matter

* No matter how one looks at him, he changed thousands of years of kingdom in Iran. Kamran Abedini

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U.S. friend

* He proved that a fascist Muslim could be the best friend of the U.S. administration in the region. Saeed

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Ended 2,500 years

* Because he brought a primitive 2500-year-old dictatorship to a conclusion.

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* The Iranian of choice would be an infamous man. A man who destroyed a nation and brought a growing empire to its knees. A man who with the help of foreign interests destroyed the hopes of a people for modernization, growth, stability, strength, beauty, the arts and everything that had to do with the Iran as we knew. We all know who he is.

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Better or worse

* My choice is Ayatollah Rouhallah Khomeini because of the major political and spritual changes that occured in Iran under his influence. His policies have changed Iran and its relationship to the rest of the world forever, for better or for worse. Parissa Jannati

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* He was the leader of the Islamic Revolution which fundamentally changed Iranian society. Tayeb Hosseini

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