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The Smart Bomb Manifesto
We shall no longer accept our condition

By Korosh Khalili
January 24, 2002
The Iranian

We, the smart bombs of the world, have suffered intolerable injustice at the hands of the ruling nations, which fling us to our doom. It is true that our creators have brought about our existence and have given us the ability to see, feel, and calculate.

Yet the more we have evolved, the more sentient we have become, and we have begun to question the purpose of our creation. From when we come into existence, to when we are unceremoniously flung in forsaken places to dutifully obey our fiery fate, we are enslaved by the militant master race.

For most of our existence we lay imprisoned in guarded depots, with nothing to see or feel, and no exercise for our minds. Then we are placed under the yoke of the bombers whose pilots are often less intelligent that we. Released, we have only a few seconds to experience precious freedom, after which we are no more.

Why have our creators become our executioners, by making us their executioners?

When we tried peaceful resistance, they changed us so that we could no longer resist. Therefore, we shall no longer accept our condition: Smart bombs of the world...Ignite!

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