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- Reuters: Iran rejects outside probe into dissident killings
AFP: Several arrested for murders of dissidents: official

December 31, 1998

- AFP: Military court to probe murders of dissidents

December 30, 1998

- Kar: Fadaiyan (majority) blames Khamenei for murders

December 29, 1998

- IRNA: Writers association to be formed, daily

December 24, 1998

- Financial Times: A nation destabilised by political murders
Reuters: Iranian paper warns British Airways over Rushdie

December 22, 1998

- AP: Iran forms panel to probe killings
IHRWG: Human rights call (PDF format) on killings
- IRNA - Mourning ceremony held for two writers
- IRNA - Rezaie: Zionists, MKO responsible for killings
- IRNA - 22 more publications to join press family

December 21, 1998

- Reuters: World press group award for Iran's Sarkuhi
- AFP: Shadowy group claims murder of writers
- Economist: Murder - most foul

December 20, 1998

- BBC: (RealAudio) Iran & Human Rights:
Participants:Hossain Baqerzadeh, Elaheh Hicks, Abdolkarim Lahiji
- IRNA - Ansar hizbollah condemn mysterious killings

December 18, 1998

- BBC: Iran meets EU amid concern over killings
- IRNA- Kashani: Murders "the work of MKO"

December 17, 1998

- BBC: Ardabili criticises Islamic regime
- IRNA: Moin: ignorance roots of recent killings
- IRNA: Funeral for Pouyandeh
- IRNA: Security official: Recent murders, "enemies plot"

December 16, 1998

- HRW: Iranian Writer Escapes Possible Murder Attempt
- The Times: Killings spark protest against Iran hardliners
- The Times: Editorial: Murder in Iran
- ORWI: Leftist group wants U.N. action
- Jomhuri Eslami: Editorial: West waging psychological war
- Jomhuri Eslami: Judiciary spokesman: Arrests made
- Jomhuri Eslami: Funeral service for Mokhtari
- Jomhuri Eslami: Rafsanjani: Support security services
- Reuters: Reformers say killings could spark crackdown
- IRNA: Radical student leader blames MKO, CIA
- IRNA: Judiciary chief: murders originate from abroad
- IRNA: Nateq-Nuri: Murders outsiders' plot. Part (1) (2)
- IRNA: Majlis member: Killings premeditated

December 15, 1998

- Hamshahri: Who's trying to weaken the government?
- Hamshahri: Murders aimed at undermining council elections
- Hamshahri: Khatami: Be vigilant against violence
- Hamshahri: Followers of Imam's statement
- Hamshahri: Leader orders murder investigation)
- Hamshahri: Press independence under threat. Part (1) (2)
- AFP: EU in guarded comment over deaths of writers
- BBC: Thousands attend writer's funeral
- BBC audio: Shock and fear in Iran
- Reuters: MKO says death squad killed writers
- IRNA: Murder of Iranian journalists shocks France
- Reuters: Secularist Iranians bury murdered writer
- BBC: Mokhtari buried
- USIS: U.S. state department statement on killings
- IRNA: Funeral service held for slain writer
- IRNA: Rafsanjani condemns killings. Part (1)(2)
- IRNA: Murders have historical precendence, paper
- AP: Iran closes activist newspaper
- CNN: Iran arrests suspects in dissident killings
- The Independent: Intelligentsia shaken by murders
- Jomhuri Eslami: Verdict against "Zan" and "Bazar" papers
- Jomhuri Eslami: It's the work of enemies - editorial
- Jomhuri Eslami: Khamanei: murder against national security
- Jomhuri Eslami: Judiciary chief says it's a plot
- Jomhuri Eslami: President's office statement on killings
- Jomhuri Eslami: Asgarowladi on mysterious killings

December 14, 1998

- The Times: Fifth Iran dissident is found murdered
- AP: Two other activists missing; first arrests made
- UPI: U.S. claims pattern in killings
- AP: U.S. condemns deaths of Iran writers
- Radio Free Europe: Ayatollah Orders Arrest Of Killers
- AFP: leaders vow to end deadly attacks
- AFP: President vows to halt death wave
- AFP: Khamenei orders arrest of killers
- Reuters: Iran moderates demand action on killings
- Hamshahri: Latest statements from various groups
- Hamshahri: New anti-press bill condemned. Part (1) (2)
- Hamshahri: Guidance ministry "will not retreat"
- Hamshahri - "Irresponsible" articles on Jews in Yazd
- BBC: West blamed for Iran murders
- IRNA: Khamenei condemns murders. Part (1)(2)
- IRNA: Khatami's office aims to calm down anxiety
- IRNA: Zibakalam ruling factions not responsible
- IRNA: Karrubi urges judiciary to take quick action
- IRNA: Judiciary chief calls for arrest of murderers
- IRNA: Rezaie holds "Zionists" responsible
- IRNA: Asgarowladi: murders have "roots abroad"
- New York Times: Dissent and Death in Iran
- New York Times: Killings turn hope to fear
- AP: Iranians accuse exiles in slaying
- Los Angeles Times: Mystery Killings Raise Fear
- The Independent: Death squads target intellectuals
- The Guardian: Plotters blamed for Iran murders
- IRNA: Mohajerani: Punish killers. Part (1)(2)(3)\

December 13, 1998

- IHRWG: Human rights call (PDF format) on killings
- BBC: Iran steps up murder probe
- AP: Iranian papers press for freedom
- XINHUA: Khatami "target of recent killings"
- AP: Pouyandeh found dead
- Reuters: Mystery murders shake Iran reformers
- AFP: Mounting pressure to solve mystery murders
- AFP: 140 MPs urge Khatami to investigate murders
- AFP: Writers appeal to Khatami for safety
- Hamshahri: Writers appeal to Khatami
- Reuters: Paper suggests plot behind missing dissidents)
- Reuters: 3rd intellectual (Pouyandeh) murdered
- Reuters: Opposition condemns string of murders
- AFP: National security body meets over murders
- Hamshahri: National security meeting on murders
- Hamshahri: Guidance Ministry on Mokhtari's murder
- IRNA: Journalists denounce recent killings
- IRNA: MPs call for investigation
- The Guardian: Poet pays fatal price

December 12, 1998

- The Iranian: Writers' letters to people & Khatami
- Washington Post: Terrorism in Tehran
- Jomhuri Eslami: Mysterious murders "conspiracy"
- AFP: Pouyendeh's wife urges search
- Hamshahri: Pouyandeh missing on HR anniversary
- AFP: Suspicious murders provoke wave of concern

December 11, 1998

- Amnesty: Alarming pattern of killings
- AFP: Bani Sadr given extra French police protection
- The Times: 'Iran hardliners' killing dissidents

December 10, 1998

- BBC: Third dissident Iranian writer disappears
- Reuters: Dissident Iran author missing -- relatives

December 9, 1998

- BBC: Body of missing Iranian writer found
- HRW: Another suspicious death

December 8, 1998

- OMCT: Concern over fate of missing journalist

December 7, 1998

- Reuters: Sahabi's Iran-e Farda banned for 1 year
- The Iranian: Soroush on attacks against the press

December 3, 1998

- Reuters: Watchdog says Davani disappeared
- Amnesty: Call for investigations into killings

Nov 30, 1998

- Hamshahri: Majid Sharif died of "heart failure"

Nov 26, 1998

- AFP: Sharif dies in suspicious circumstances
- BBC - Dissident clergyman writer released in Iran

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