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February 25

U.S. State Department human report on Iran

February 25, 2000 (U.S. State Department) -- The [Iranian] government's human rights record remained poor; although efforts within society to make the Government accountable for its human rights policies intensified, serious problems remain. The Government restricts citizens' right to change their government. Systematic abuses include extrajudicial killings and summary executions; disappearances; widespread use of torture and >>> FULL TEXT

February 23

* Khamenei pardons students jailed for "blasphemous" play

TEHRAN, Feb 23 (AFP) - Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has pardoned two students jailed for publishing an allegedly blasphemous play in a university magazine, press reports said Monday >>> FULL TEXT

February 21

* Iran upholds death sentence on student leader in riots

TEHRAN, Feb 21 (AFP) - Iran's courts have upheld the death sentence on a student leader found guilty of instigating deadly riots in Tehran last year, a newspaper reported Monday. The courts upheld the sentence against Akbar Mohammadi, one of three students sentenced to die for their role in July's disturbances, the Asr-e-Azadegan paper said.

February 17

* Karbaschi puts new paper on streets

TEHRAN, Feb 17 (AFP) - A new daily established by the capital's former mayor, Gholamhossein Karbaschi, hit the streets of Iran Thursday, on the eve of crucial parliamentary elections. "Who will the people vote for tomorrow?" read the banner headline of Ham-Mihan (Compatriot), leaning clearly towards support of the moderate centrists of the Executives of Construction party, which Karbaschi heads >>> FULL TEXT

February 15

* BBC radio programmes 'jammed' in Iran

LONDON, Feb 15 (AFP) - The BBC World Service is accusing the Iranian authorities of jamming some of its Persian language programmes in Iran ahead of Friday's legislative elections. Farsi radio Director Bakir Moin, pointed the finger at "certain conservative forces" for interfering with the BBC's programmes since the beginning of February and making them inaudible or running a different radio station on the BBC's wavelength >>> FULL TEXT

February 14

* Bomb attack at house of Iran's ex-intelligence chief: paper

TEHRAN, Feb 14 (AFP) - A bomb attack rocked the home of former Iranian intelligence chief Ali Fallahian, who is a conservative candidate in this week's parliamentary elections, overnight Sunday, a newspaper said here Monday >>> FULL TEXT

February 13

* Reform paper back on newsstands

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - A newspaper returned to newsstands Saturday after a self-imposed weeklong suspension meant to calm anger generated by its political cartoons satirizing a cleric. Azad newspaper published cartoons last month that depicted hard-line cleric Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi as a crocodile and a fat thug, sparking three days of protests. The reformist newspaper apologized, saying the cartoons were not intended to be offensive >>> FULL TEXT

February 10

* Karbaschi to launch new daily on eve of elections

TEHRAN, Feb 10 (AFP) - The former mayor of Tehran, a close ally of President Mohammad Khatami who was jailed for corruption, said Thursday he will launch a new newspaper on the eve of next week's elections. Gholamhossein Karbaschi, whose tenure as the capital's mayor ended with a prison sentence that other reformers alleged was a political frame-up, said his new daily would debut next Thursday, the day before the polls >>> FULL TEXT

* Cartoonist freed on bail after court appearance

TEHRAN, Feb 10 (AFP) - An Iranian newspaper cartoonist held on charges of insulting a prominent religious conservative was ordered freed on bail Thursday after he appeared before a judge of the press court, his lawyer said. Nik Ahangh-Kosar of the reformist newspaper Azad, was remanded in custody in Evin prison on the orders of Judge Said Mortazavi on February 5 after his cartoons stirred a storm of protests from conservatives >>> FULL TEXT

February 9

* Head of Iranian reformist daily hospitalised with "mental troubles"

TEHRAN, Feb 9 (AFP) - The director of a reformist daily who was due to appear in court Wednesday accused of publishing "insulting" cartoons of a leading cleric has been taken to hospital with "mental troubles," Tehran court officials said. The lawyer of Mohammad-Reza Yazdapanah Fadai, director of Azad, gave the court a medical certificate saying Fadai had gone into Iranmehr hospital for "mental trouble and depression" on Tuesday >>> FULL TEXT

February 7

* Iran reformers hit back at conservative cleric with defamation action

TEHRAN, Feb 7 (AFP) - Iran's reformers hit back Monday at a conservative cleric who is the complainant in a libel prosecution against a leading cartoonist, demanding that he too be dragged before the courts for slandering them in his sermons >>> FULL TEXT

February 6

* Culture minister insists he has no plans to quit

TEHRAN, Feb 6 (AFP) - Iran's Culture Minister Ataollah Mohajerani, who has been the focus of a major protest campaign by religious demonstrators over a newspaper cartoon, said Sunday he had no plans to step down >>> FULL TEXT

February 4

* Iran students vow to keep up protest until culture minister sacked

QOM, Iran, Feb 4 (AFP) - Several hundred Iranian theology students vowed Friday they would not end their sit-in at a mosque here until the government's moderate pro-reform culture minister is removed from office. The students, who began gathering at the university mosque in the holy city of Qom on Wednesday night, are demanding the dismissal of Culture Minister Ataollah Mohajerani over a newspaper's caricatures of one of their teachers >>> FULL TEXT

February 3

* Religious students protest at newspaper cartoons

TEHRAN, Feb 3 (AFP) - Some 1,000 Iranian theological students demonstrated Thursday in the holy city of Qom after a reformist newspaper published cartoons which they said ridiculed one of their teachers, press reports said. The demonstrators marched from the theological college to the city's main mosque, calling for the resignation of reformist Culture Minister Ataollah Mojerani, whom they blamed for the "cultural depravity" of the country >>> FULL TEXT

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