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- AFP: Khatami vows to end wave of dissident murders
- IRNA: President: Killings done by those who opposed stability
- New York Times: Writing Dangerously in Iran

    January 8

- Reuters: Iran author seeks stay in Norway for security
Reuters: Iran leader says foreigners behind killings
- BBC: Khamenei: Deaths inquiry must go on
- AP: Iran Blames Foreigners for Killings
- IRNA: Khamenei: Killigns "foreign scenario", (2) (3) (4)
- IRNA: Ardebili praises uncovering of killings
- Christian Science: Arrests of intelligence officers may be watershed
- RFE/RL: Iran's Intelligence Ministry Still Largely Above The Law

January 7

- RFE/RL: Iran: Arrests In Dissident Killings Leave Questions
- AFP: Iranian writer seeks asylum in Norway
- Iran daily: A look at recent serial murders
- AFP: Foruhar's children demand international probe
- AFP: Government under pressure to deepen reform after murders
- AP: Iran moderates demand secret police reform
- XINHUA: Intelligence Minister to Be Sacked
- Jomhuri Eslami: Fetneh (Conspiracy) (editorial)
- Financial Times: Khatami on top as ministry admits murder link
- Telegraph: Khatami strikes blow for law as agents arrested
- New York Times: Some Call for Overhaul of Intelligence Ministry

January 6

- AP: Iran Slaying Admission Draws Praise
BBC: U.S. praises Iran murder arrests
Reuters: U.S. welcomes Iran's arrests of suspected killers
AFP: Secret services badly shaken by role in murder of dissidents
- AFP: President hails "honest" probe into murders
- DPA: Iran to refuse entry to human rights envoy
Reuters: Reformers demand overhaul of Iran security forces
- IRNA: Khatami praises intelligence staff
- IRNA: Majlis deputies call for scrutiny probe
- IRNA: Moderate party: expose perpetrators of recent crimes
- IRNA: Speaker hails information ministry Part (1) (2)
- AP: Iran Officials Arrested in Slayings
- New York Times: Iranians Assert Rogue Officers Slew Dissidents
- LA Times: Iran Arrests Rogue Security Agents Crime
- London Times : 'Rogue' agents killed dissidents, Iran says
- IPS: Ayatollah Khameneh'i issued killing orders
- IPS: Khameneh'i, Rafsanjani, Fallahian possible "master killers"
- Reuters: Rushdie Mexico event scuttled by Iran media threat
- Reuters: UK's Rushdie to receive top French literary award

January 5

- BBC: Iran agents 'involved in liberal murders'
- IRNA: Intelligence ministry agents arrested
- IRNA: Intelligence ministry agents arrested (in Persian)
- AFP: Iranian politician seeks asylum in Germany
- Reuters: Hardline Iranian weekly to appeal against ban
- Reuters: Rushdie says still in danger, no normal life yet

Januray 4

- Reuters: Two publications banned
- Hamshahri: Writers have "the right to organize" - Mohajerani

January 3

- Banisadr: Former president details "terror network"
- IRNA: Investigation underway into mysterious killings

January 1, 1999

- Reuters: Iran rejects outside probe into dissident killings
AFP: Several arrested for murders of dissidents: official

* Nov/December 1998 news index

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