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July 28

* Serial murders' committee asked to clarify cause of death of "dissident"

July 28, 1999, Domestic Desk (Neshat - BBC worldwide Monitoring): In a statement a group of nationalist and religious personalities have called on the Serial Killings' Follow-up Committee to clarify the cause of the death of Dr Majid Sharif.... FULL TEXT

* Assault on independent press in Iran intensifies

New York, July 28, 1999 (Human Rights Watch -- The assault by Iranian authorities against publishers and editors associated with the country's independent press has become wider and more intense in recent days. On July 25, the Special Court for the Clergy convicted Hojatoleslam Seyyid Mohamed Musavi-Khoeiniha, publisher of the daily newspaper Salam, on charges of misinforming the public ... FULL TEXT

* Iran students file libel charges against dailies

TEHRAN, July 28 (Reuters) - An Iranian umbrella student organisation with 50,000 members has filed suit in a criminal case against three hardline dailies, a newspaper said on Wednesday. The Office to Consolidate Unity, which led widespread pro-democracy student protests amid attacks by police and hardline vigilantes this month, has accused Kayhan, Resalat and Abrar newspapers of libel, the daily Iran said ... FULL TEXT

July 27

* Khatami says no turning back on justice

HAMADAN, Iran, July 27 (Reuters) - President Mohammad Khatami, his reformist policies under attack by hardliners after some of the worst unrest since the 1979 Islamic revolution, pledged on Tuesday to stand by his election promise to protect civil liberties. Khatami kicked off a three-day tour of the western province of Hamadan with an address to a capacity crowd in the local sports stadium, his first public appearance since pro-democracy student protests on July 8-13 ... FULL TEXT

July 26

* Iran reformists hit ruling on moderate daily

TEHRAN, July 26 (Reuters) - Pro-reform Iranian newspaper editors on Monday condemned the guilty verdict of a clerical court against the editor-in-chief of the leading daily Salam. Mohammad Mousavi-Khoeiniha, a leftist Shi'ite Moslem cleric, was convicted on Sunday for publishing an allegedly classified document, slandering officials and linking MPs to a rogue secret agent accused of masterminding murders of dissidents last year ... FULL TEXT

July 25

* Clerics court convicts reformist publisher

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran's special clerical court Sunday found the publisher of the leading pro-reform newspaper Salam guilty of printing classified material and defamation, the official IRNA news agency said, raising the prospects the influential daily will be silenced for good. The agency said Mohammad Mousavi-Khoeiniha, a powerful leftist cleric, had also been found guilty of publishing insulting language and misleading the public ... FULL TEXT

July 22

* `Salam' closure illegal, editor says

July 22, (Hamshahri - BBC Worldwide Monitoring) - At a meeting with the staff of the daily `Salam', Hojjat ol-Eslam val-Moslemin Musavi-Kho'iniha, the managing-editor of `Salam', spoke about the closing down of the daily ... FULL TEXT

* Journalists protest at colleague's arrest

July 22, daily Iran - BBC Worldwide Monitoring) -- In separate communiques to their colleagues in 'Emrooz' daily, the journalists and correspondents of ' Iran ' and 'Hamshahri' dailies called for the release of Kazem Shokri, a member of that daily's ['Emrooz'] editorial board ... FULL TEXT

* Iran's pro-reform press warns crackdown could spark more unrest

TEHRAN, July 22 (AFP) - Iran's pro-reform press on Thursday demanded the immediate release of a jailed newspaper editor and warned the growing conservative crackdown on journalists could lead to more unrest. ewspapers that support reformist President Mohammad Khatami blasted the regime's conservatives over Tuesday's arrest of Kazem Shokri, a senior editor with Sobh-e-Emrouz, a moderate daily close to the president ... FULL TEXT

July 21

* Khatami turns on hardline critics

TEHRAN, July 21 (Reuters) - Iranian President Mohammad Khatami and his reformist allies, accused of failing to defend the Islamic system during recent unrest, on Wednesday moved against hardline publications that had challenged him. The Culture and Islamic Guidance Ministry, firmly under Khatami's control, said it had moved against three newspapers after they published a letter by Revolutionary Guards commanders criticising Khatami and warning their patience with ``insults against the system'' was running out ... FULL TEXT

* Sobh-e Emrooz editor arrested

July 21, (BBC) - The editor of a moderate Iranian national newspaper has been arrested for allegedly insulting Islam in an article. The editor, Kazem Shokri, of the daily Emrooz was charged on Tuesday with having authorised the publication of an article offensive to the Koran ... FULL TEXT

July 20

* Five Iranian Pressmen Arrested for Role in Unrest

TEHRAN (July 20) XINHUA - Five persons working for moderate dailies have been arrested on charge of involvement in recent unrest in Tehran. An informed source said the five people are from Zan (women), Khordad (name of the third Iranian month), Neshat (Joy), and Azad (Freedom), the favorite dailies of the Iranian people, particularly of the youth, the pro-conservative daily Tehran Times reported on Tuesday ... FULL TEXT

July 19

* Young poets

Tehran, (Hamshahri) - Mohammad Ali Zare has put together a selection of poems from several young poets, showing that there is real talent out there ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

July 16

* Araynpour on language & culture

Tehran, (Hamshahri) - If you are looking for an English-Persian or Persian-English dictionary, nine out of ten you will end up with one compiled by Manouchehr Aryanpour Kashani. Aryanpour, who is also an authority on translation, speaks to Hamshahri about language & culture ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

* Publish at home / new books

Tehran, (Hamshahri) - Slow business forced some publishers to set up shot at home, illegally. Now the publishers guild has made it official: a pubisher can be based at home. Also news about new and notable books ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

July 15

* Remembering one of the students killed at the dorms

Tehran, (Neshat) - Ezzatollah Ebrahim-Nezhad was one of the students killed at the Tehran University dorms last week. He was a friend of the poet Ali Salehi, and a bit of a poet himself... a gentle soul ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

* Writers union takes a stand

Tehran, (Neshat) - The Iranian writers union has issued a statement condemning the attack on students. This is one of the first political statements by the grup since it was officially recognized a few months ago ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

* CPJ protests campaign against media

The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), a non-governmental organization of journalists devoted to upholding press freedom worldwide, is writing to express its deep concern about the ongoing campaign to stifle the independent Iranian press. Since January 1998, twelve newspapers have been closed for printing material that members of the ruling elite deemed unacceptable, and many journalists have been arrested and prosecuted for their reporting on a variety of sensitive political topics ... FULL TEXT

July 14

* Five Iranian writers win awards

New York, July 14, 1999 (Human Rights Watch) -- Of the thirty-two grant recipients of this year's Hellman/Hammett grants, five hail from Iran. They are Hamid-Reza Jalei-Pour, Masahallah Shamss-Ol-Vaezin, Seyeed Ebrahim Nabvi, Akbar Ganji and Hojatolesam Mohssen Saeidzadeh. The grant program began in 1989 when the estates of American authors Lillian Hellman and Dashiel Hammett asked Human Rights Watch to design a program for writers in financial need as a result of expressing their views ... FULL TEXT

July 12

* Orang Khezraie: Disrespect

Tehran, (Neshat) - The family of the poet Orang Khezraie who died last week, was not able to bury him at the special cemetery for literrary personalities in Isfahan. Municipality officials were demaning a million tomans ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

July 11

* Iran papers to strike to protest at Salam closure

TEHRAN, July 11 (Reuters) - Iranian journalists plan to stage a one-day strike on Tuesday to protest against the closure of the pro-reform Salam newspaper, newspapers reported on Sunday. ``We will lay down our pens on Tuesday...and invite our colleagues throughout the country to do likewise,'' said the statement signed by 583 journalists and carried by leading reformist newspapers ... FULL TEXT

July 8

* Iran ministry drops charges against newspaper

TEHRAN, July 8 (Reuters) - Iran's powerful intelligence ministry on Thursday withdrew a complaint against a leading moderate newspaper, raising hopes that the banned daily would be allowed to resume publication. ``The intelligence ministry withdraws its complaint in line with its firm policy of non-partisanship...and for the sake of maintaining calm, avoiding tension and backing the government's policies on political development and legal press freedom,'' it said in a statement carried by the official news agency IRNA ... FULL TEXT

July 7

* Salam daily banned as conservatives move to curb press

TEHRAN, July 7 (AFP) - Iran's state-run news agency announced the banning of one of the country's leading reformist newspapers Wednesday just hours after the country's conservative-dominated parliament approved fresh curbs on the press. The Persian daily Salam, which is close to the reformist government of President Mohammad Khatami, was banned on a "verbal verdict of judicial authorities," the IRNA news agency quoted a "reliable source" as saying ... FULL TEXT

* Scandal rocks secret service

TEHRAN, July 6 (Reuters) - The case has all the elements of a classic spy thriller -- serial murders, a mysterious suicide in the upper ranks of the intelligence service and a missing body. Iran's widening security scandal has sent government officials, leading politicians and senior clerics scurrying for cover and raised doubts about the future of the country's feared secret service ... FULL TEXT

* Julaie was expecting something else

Tehran, (Neshat) - When Reza Julaie's "Jaameh beh Khoonaab" (Bloody Clothes) was awarded the top award for Iranian fiction of the past 20 years he thought it was a sign of hope for authors. It hasn't happened, he says in an interview ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

July 6

* Agent's alleged plan to suppress writers; similarties with current Majlis bill

Salam newspaper has published excerpts from a letter allegedly written by a top Intelligence Ministry official early last fall in which he suggests new laws to clamp down on dissident writers. Salam says the letter was written by Saeed Eslami, a.k.a Emami, who was arrested on charges of organizing the infamous string of murders of dissidents ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

* Reformist press accuses MPs of preparing clampdown

TEHRAN, July 6 (AFP) - Iran's reformist press expressed "serious concern" Tuesday as the country's conservative-dominated parliament prepared to debate legislation tightening up controls on the media. Editors from a dozen newspapers published a joint statement accusing the bill's promoters of paving the way for "restrictions on the press, practically no job security for the country's journalists and preliminary steps for closure of various press institutions." ... FULL TEXT

July 5

* Golshiri gets German award

Tehran, (Neshat) - Novelist Hushang Golshiri has won a German peace prize for his collection of stories "Mardi baa Keraavaat" (The Man with a Tie). The award includes a 26,000 deutch mark cash prize ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

* Ahmad Shamlu's latest

Poet Ahmad Shamlu has recovered from his latest ailments. To thank all the worried fans, his latest poem has been published in Iran daily for the first time ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

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