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June 30

* Iran minister slams bid to curb press freedom

TEHRAN, June 30 (Reuters) - Iran's liberal Culture Minister Ataollah Mohajerani on Wednesday slammed a bill proposed by conservative deputies in parliament aimed at limiting the country's fledgling press freedom. ``The custodians of the press and (newspaper) editors have not been consulted about this bill...In our view, this bill is not meant to amend the press law, but to change its whole structure,'' state radio quoted the minister as saying ... FULL TEXT

June 27

* Khatami demands justice for the press

TEHRAN, June 27 (Reuters) - Iranian President Mohammad Khatami, keen to protect press freedoms he has fostered as part of his two-year reform drive, on Sunday demanded cases involving the media be removed from hardline Revolutionary Courts and heard before special press juries. Khatami used a national gathering of judiciary officials, led by arch-conservative Ayatollah Mohammad Yazdi, to remind them that the constitution calls for jury trials for press violations and political crimes. He also said defendants had a right to legal respresentation at all times ... FULL TEXT

June 23

* Iranian reformist publisher is interrogated in court

Teheran (dpa) - An Iranian reformist publisher was interrogated Wednesday for several hours by a Teheran court over having expressed doubts regarding Islamic values, informed sources said. Saaid Hajarian, the publisher of the liberal daily newspaper Emruz, was interrogated by a court over ``having expressed doubts'' over Islamic values in reply to a reader's question, the sources said ... FULL TEXT

June 22

* Fear for Safety of Journalists

June 22, (Amnesty International) - Amnesty International is concerned for the safety of Heshmatollah Tabarzadi, editor-in-chief of the weekly newsletter Hoveyat-e-Khish (Our Identity), and Hossein Kashani, its director, who have been arrested after questioning about publishing information contrary to "public order and the public interest". On 16 June 1999, Hossein Kashani was summoned to a tribunal at the office of the revolutionary prosecutor, in Evin prison, and arrested after questioning ... FULL TEXT

* Coroner says jailed suspected killer died of arsenic poisoning

June 23, BBC Monitoring - Iranian TV) - As you have heard in the news, one of the agents of the recent suspicious killings, named Sa'id Emami, has committed suicide. In order to clarify the matter and provide you with more information, the correspondents from the Central News Unit talked to the coroner and the doctor who, with his colleagues, made an extensive effort to save Sa'id Emami's life ... FULL TEXT

* Iran: Chief suspect's suicide will not affect investigation

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) -- Foreigners trying to tarnish Iran's image aided in a string of murders late last year of dissident intellectuals, the military prosecutor said Tuesday. The case, which shocked the nation because of acknowledged involvement by Iranian intelligence agents, made headlines again when the top suspect reportedly killed himself Saturday in prison ... FULL TEXT

June 21

* Moderate Iranian press puzzles over suicide of murders' mastermind

TEHRAN, June 21 (AFP) - The mastermind of last year's murders of Iranian dissidents was identified as a former intelligence official on Monday as the moderate press here raised a number of questions about his suicide. Saeed Emami, also known as Saaed Eslami, committed suicide by swallowing "vajebi," a highly toxic powder mostly used for hair-removal in Iran, while in the public bath of a prison in the capital on Saturday ... FULL TEXT

June 16

* Director of Iranian paper arrested

TEHRAN, June 16 (AFP) - The director of a weekly publication close to reformist circles in Iran was arrested Wednesday on the orders of the conservative revolutionary tribunal in Tehran, the magazine said. Hossein Kashani, director of Hoveyat-e-Khish, was taken in for questioning for having published information contrary to "public order and the public interest," officials said ... FULL TEXT

June 15

* Shamlu hospitalized

June 15, 1999 (Neshat) -- Poet Ahmad Shamlu has again been hospitalized for a variety of illnesses that appear quite serious ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

June 14

* Sarkuhi honored at paper forum

Monday, June 14, 1999 ZURICH, Switzerland (AP) -- Iranian editor Faraj Sarkuhi, who was imprisoned both before and after the country's Islamic revolution, received the Golden Pen of Freedom award Monday from the World Association of Newspapers. Sarkuhi, former editor-in-chief of the banned monthly magazine Adineh, told 1,100 editors and publishers from 88 countries that ``international support and world pressure'' saved his life after he was condemned to death three times ``during the tyranny of the Islamic Republic.''... FULL TEXT

June 13

* 'Hoviyyat-e Kheesh' banned for "insults"

June 13, 1999 (Kayhan - BBC Monitoring) - The fortnightly 'Hoviyyat-e Kheesh' ['Self-Identity'] has been banned and all copies of the latest edition have been taken out of circulation. According to reports, the Islamic Revolution Court of Tehran has indicated that 'Hoviyyat-e Kheesh' has been accused of insults and defamation against the main principles of the Islamic republic's system ... FULL TEXT

    June 10

* Iran reformers see threat to 'Khatami thaw'

TEHRAN, June 10 (Reuters) - Iran's powerful conservative establishment has prepared new measures that would gut nascent press freedoms and reverse the ``Khatami thaw'' settling over the Islamic republic. Draft revisions to the current press laws, now circulating among hardline members of parliament, would tighten significantly already tough limits on freedom of expression, choking off President Mohammad Khatami's attempts to introduce a civic society within Iran's existing Islamic system... FULL TEXT

    June 8

* Conversative clampdown on press

June 8, 1999 (BBC) - The conservative majority in the Iranian parliament has introduced a controversial bill which journalists allege is intended to restrict press freedom. The bill includes changes to the current, relatively liberal press law in several key areas, such as referring some press offences to the revolutionary courts, where there is no jury and no access to lawyers ... FULL TEXT

June 4

* Stern rebuke for Iran's liberals on 10th anniversary of Khomeini's death

TEHRAN, June 4 (AFP) - Iran's supreme leader delivered a stern rebuke to liberal reformers within the Islamic regime Friday in a keynote speech marking the 10th anniversary of the death of the regime's founder, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. "We don't need any lessons about freedom from political upstarts," Khomeini's successor Ayatollah Ali Khamenei told the hundreds of thousands of Iranians gathered for the centrepiece anniversary rally ... FULL TEXT

June 3

* Iranian official calls for end to press crackdown

TEHRAN, June 3 (Reuters) - A senior Iranian culture ministry official has appealed for an end to harassment of the liberal press by the conservative-led judiciary after a spate of arrests of newspaper directors, newspapers reported on Thursday. ``I formally protest the mistreatment of the press corps. Currently, journalists do not feel safe,'' newspapers quoted the Deputy Culture Minister on press affairs, Shaban Shahidi-Moaddab, as saying ... FULL TEXT

* Khamenei boosts hardliners in media battle

Prague, 3 June 1999 (Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty) -- Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei recently sent a message which can be regarded as the opening salvo of a new effort by hardliners to tighten their control over Iran's broadcast and print media. The battle over the media is likely to gain significance in the coming months as Iran approaches parliamentary elections due early next year, and control of the media could help decide the outcome of the polls ... FULL TEXT

June 2

* Iran's pen association starts activities

tehran, june 2, irna -- the first post-revolution association of iranian writers, translators, poets and researchers under the title of 'iran pen association' started its activities as of may 26. mohammad reza sarshar (rahgozar), spokesman and a founding member of the association, said the goal behind founding the association is to defend freedom of expression and thoughts within the framework of islam and the constitution and support material and moral rights of the creators of literary works in an effort to remove existing irregularities ... FULL TEXT

June 1

* Iranian reformist newspaper director released on bail

TEHRAN, June 1 (AFP) - Mohammad Reza Zohdi, director of the Iranian reformist newspaper Arya, was released on bail late Monday from Tehran's Evin prison, the official IRNA news agency reported. He had been held there since Saturday for defamation, spreading false information, and publishing confidential military information ... FULL TEXT

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