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March 30

Khatami's brother summoned by press court

TEHRAN, March 30 (AFP) - Mohammad-Reza Khatami, brother of the Iranian president and publisher of the reformist daily Mosharekat (Participation), was summoned Thursday to appear before the country's press court, IRNA reported. Khatami has been named as a defendant in a "private defamation and libel suit," and is to stand trial "next week, perhaps later next month," the official news agency said without further comment >>> FULL TEXT

Human rights reform in Iran an irreversible trend: UN

GENEVA, March 30 (AFP) - Reform of Iran's human rights situation is an irreversible trend and is expected to pick up speed, while a sense of accountability is also emerging, a UN rapporteur said Thursday. But resistance to change in Iran still exists, a fact made clear by press reports, in themselves a reflection of freedom of expression, special representative Maurice Danby Copithorne told journalists >>> FULL TEXT

March 29

Reformer summoned to court over "shadow government" charges

TEHRAN, March 29 (AFP) - A leading activist in the Iranian reform movements has been summoned to appear before Tehran's revolutionary court over charges that the nation is being run by a bloodthirsty "shadow government", press reports said Wednesday. Journalist Emadeddin Baghi has alleged that a murky network of secret agents is operating inside the police, intelligence services, state media and the elite Revolutionary Guards, functioning as a parallel power that controls the Islamic republic >>> FULL TEXT

March 27

Reformers stepping up charges that "shadow government" in control

TEHRAN, March 27 (AFP) - Iranian reformers behind President Mohammad Khatami are mounting charges that the nation is being run by a bloodthirsty "shadow government" after an attempt on the life of a close Khatami ally. They say a murky network of secret agents is operating inside the police, intelligence services, state media and the elite Revolutionary Guards, functioning as a parallel power that controls the Islamic republic >>> FULL TEXT

March 26

Reformers say conservatives blocking inquiry into shooting

TEHRAN, March 26 (AFP) - Iranian reformers on Sunday renewed accusations that the regime's conservatives are trying to cover up the investigation into the assassination attempt on a leading pro-reform activist. Mohammad-Reza Khatami, head of the largest reform party and brother of President Mohammad Khatami, also rejected charges that reformers were linked to the shooting of Said Hajarian, still fighting for his life in a Tehran hospital >>> FULL TEXT

March 25

Suspects in Hajarian murder bid to face special Iranian court

TEHRAN, March 25 (AFP) - The alleged attacker of Iranian reformist Said Hajarian and five people accused of helping him will be tried before a special Islamic court, Iranian state radio reported Saturday. "It is a special judge and a special court that have been appointed to judge the authors of this attack," said the report, referring to an exchange of letters on the matter between the senior court officials. The report did not say when the trial would take place >>> FULL TEXT

March 24

Beirut hostage awarded millions

WASHINGTON (AP) - Former hostage Terry Anderson was awarded $341 million from Iran on Friday by a federal judge who said his treatment during his nearly seven years of captivity in Beirut was ``savage and cruel by any civilized standards.'' U.S. District Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson ordered Iran to pay $24.5 million to Anderson, $10 million to his wife, Madeleine Bassil, and $6.7 million to their daughter, Sulome. The judge also ordered the Iranian Ministry of Information and Security to pay the three $300 million in punitive damages.>>> FULL TEXT

March 22

Reformist press hits at news black-out on Hajjarian affair

TEHRAN, March 22 (AFP) - The Iranian government has imposed a black-out on news on the assassination attempt against reformist politician Said Hajarian, two reformist dailies, including Hajarian's own, said Wednesday. "Official sources have banned the national media from publishing unofficial news. For this reason today newpapers were unable to publish solid, but unofficial news," Sobh-e Emruz, Hajarian's paper, said >>> FULL TEXT

News during Noruz

Tehran (Iran daily) - Iranian newspapers traditionally close down for the Noruz holidays. Not this year. Not the reformist papers at least >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

March 21

Student gunman shot Hajjarian: IRNA

TEHRAN, March 21 (AFP) - The gunman who shot leading Iranian reformer Said Hajarian is a student at a Tehran university led by a top conservative, the official IRNA news agency said Tuesday. Citing the head of the investigation, it named Said Asghar as the gunman responsible for the March 12 shooting of Hajarian, a close ally of President Mohammad Khatami and a leading force behind Iran's pro-reform movement >>> FULL TEXT

Gunmen in Hajjarian shooting identified

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - The Intelligence Ministry on Tuesday identified a university student as the gunman in the attack on a leading Iranian reformist. Iranian television quoted the official in charge of the investigation as saying chemistry student Saeed Asgar shot Saeed Hajjarian, a city councilman and confidant of President Mohammad Khatami, on March 12 >>> FULL TEXT

Hajjarian's paper blasts murderous "shadow government"

TEHRAN, March 21 (AFP) - Most Iranians believe there is a murderous "shadow government" that holds the true power in the nation, said a pro-reform newspaper Tuesday whose chief is fighting for his life after an assassination attempt. The claim in the Sobh-e-Emruz daily comes as its director Said Hajarian, a close ally of President Mohammad Khatami and a leader in the reform movement, is still in hospital after being gunned down in broad daylight last week >>> FULL TEXT

March 20

Six men arrested in Iran shooting

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - Six men have been arrested in the shooting of reformist Saeed Hajjarian, Iran's security agency announced Monday. The agency offered no information on the suspects' motives. One of the suspects has confessed to shooting Hajjarian in the face on March 12, according to the Supreme National Security Council, the nation's top security body >>> FULL TEXT

Khatami orders speedier inquiry into shooting of Hajjarian

TEHRAN, March 20 (AFP) - Iranian President Mohammad Khatami has ordered police to speed up their investigation into the near-fatal shooting of a close ally and leading reformist, the official IRNA news agency reported Monday. It said Khatami issued a directive for a faster inquiry into the March 12 shooting of Said Hajarian by two gunmen who sped off on a high-powered motorbike of a type restricted here to government agencies >>> FULL TEXT

March 16

Author of death threat against Hajjarian arrested: press

TEHRAN, March 16 (AFP) - The alleged author of a death threat against leading Iranian reformist Said Hajarian before Sunday's attempt on his life has been arrested, a press report said Thursday, quoting a government official. The daily Kar-o Karegar, quoting an official of the intelligence ministry, said the man was named Ahmadi, but gave no further information >>> FULL TEXT

March 15

German editors return to Iran for book fair in sign of thawing relations

FRANKFURT, March 15 (AFP) - For the first time in a decade, German editors plan to attend a book fair in Tehran in May, in the latest sign of a thawing in bilateral relations. The editors will attend the Tehran Book Fair from May 4-14, organizers of the Frankfurt Book Fair said in a communique >>> FULL TEXT

March 14

Reformers blame hard-liners for violence

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iranian political factions closed ranks on Tuesday to condemn the shooting of a prominent reformer, but they split over blame as reformists accused hard-liners of provoking the attack with inflammatory speeches. Reformers close to President Mohammad Khatami singled out Ayatollah Mohammad Taqi Mesbah-Yazdi, a hard-liner known for his strident attacks on democracy and attempts to justify violence to stop reforms which he sees as threats to Islamic values. >>> FULL TEXT

March 13

Reformers rally behind stricken leader, Hajjarian

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran's broad reformist movement vowed on Monday to press on with its campaign for change, undeterred by an assassin's bullet that left one of its leading lights fighting for his life in a Tehran hospital. In an outpouring of support for Saeed Hajjarian, one of the architects of the movement and a close ally of President Mohammad Khatami, politicians, clerics and newspaper editors said the shooting represented the cost of reforming the Islamic system >>> FULL TEXT

President Khatami visits Hajarian in hospital

TEHRAN, March 13 (AFP) - Iranian President Mohammad Khatami rushed straight from the airport to the bedside of prominent reformist Said Hajarian, critically injured in a shooting, on his return from a regional tour Monday. Khatami, accompanied by Health Minister Mohammad Farhadi, spent 10 minutes with Hajarian and came out looking "extremely sad," journalists at the hospital said. >>> FULL TEXT

March 9

Dissident case judge repalced

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - The government has replaced the judge and investigators looking into the 1998 murders of five political dissidents, an Iranian newspaper reported Thursday. No reason was given for the decision, the Hamshahri daily said, quoting an official Islamic Republic News Agency report that said the investigation has taken more than a year because of its complexity and ``sabotage.'' >>> FULL TEXT

March 6

Moderate Iranian daily suspends publication

TEHRAN, March 6 (AFP) - The editor of the moderate daily Arya (Aryan), which the courts forced off the news stands for two weeks last January, confirmed Monday that the newspaper had suspended publication until further notice >>> FULL TEXT

March 2

Newspaper calls for legalization of satellite TV dishes

TEHRAN, March 2 (AFP) - An Iranian newspaper called Thursday for the newly elected pro-reform parliament to reverse the ban on satellite television dishes so the country can join the 21st century. "The whole argument boils down to this fact that today satellite reception is not a luxury reserved for a handful of privileged individuals, but a prodigious necessity," the government-sponsored Iran News said in an editorial.>>> FULL TEXT

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