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May 31

* Journalists launch campaign

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - An Iranian guild of journalists has launched a campaign to reopen 19 publications shut down by hard-liners cracking down on reformist press, a guild official said Wednesday. One month after the media crackdown by the conservative-controlled judiciary, more than 1,000 journalists remain out of work, said Karim Arqandehpour, deputy head of the Journalists' Guild Association >>> FULL TEXT

May 30

* Reform journalist jailed

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - An Iranian court ordered a reformist journalist jailed on Monday, his wife said, the latest sign of a crackdown on pro-reform media and writers. Emadeddin Baqi was taken to Evin prison after being tried in a press court with no jury, said his wife, Fatemeh Kamali >>> FULL TEXT

May 23

* Media Crackdown Continues

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - Iranian hard-liners, stung by the confirmed victory of reformist candidates, shut down a newly launched newspaper Tuesday, the 19th paper closed in a crackdown that began last month. State-run radio also warned newspapers that questioning the results of recent parliamentary elections could lead to prosecution, as the feud between reformers and hard-liners over alleged vote tampering deepened in Iran. The Mellat daily was banned by the hard-line judiciary for ``violating press laws,'' >>> FULL TEXT

* Popular cultural center attacked by "commandos"

TEHRAN, May 23 (AFP) - Approximately 50 people armed with tear-gas and batons attacked a popular cultural center in north Tehran Monday, the official paper of the Tehran municipality, Hamshahri, reported Monday. "After incapacitating our security guards, they broke the windows and doors down and proceeded to attack the center's director," said an employee of the Andisheh cultural center quoted by the daily >>> FULL TEXT


* New reformist newspaper appears in Tehran

TEHRAN, May 22 (AFP) - A new reformist newspaper hit Tehran newsstands Monday, several weeks after most liberal newspapers were closed down by the government. Mellat -- or The Nation -- is to "reflect the voice of the silent majority," the newspaper says in its logo >>> FULL TEXT

May 21

* Akbar Ganji, reformist journalist, accused of contacts with US military officer

TEHRAN, May 21 (AFP) - Prominent Iranian reformist journalist Akbar Ganji had "illegal links" with a US military officer in Turkey, the judiciary said in a statement Sunday explaining why he was arrested a month ago. "The reason of Ganji's arrest is not the things he said ... but his illegal links with a US officer with NATO and certain important members of the counter-revolutionary opposition in Turkey," said the statement published in Sunday's press. It did not elaborate >>> FULL TEXT

* Abdollah Nouri allowed by court to appeal against sentence

TEHRAN, May 21 (AFP) - Former Iranian interior minister Abdollah Nuri is to be allowed to appeal against his five-year jail sentence for "anti-Islamic propaganda," the official IRNA news agency said Sunday. "The courts have accepted my request for an appeal for Mr. Nuri," said lawyer Mohsen Rahami, expressing "optimism" about the outcome, IRNA reported >>> FULL TEXT

May 17

* Iran jails five for shooting of reformer

TEHRAN (Reuters) - An Iranian court jailed five men Wednesday for up to 15 years for the attempted assassination of leading reformer Saeed Hajjarian, the official news agency IRNA reported. It said the revolutionary court sentenced Saeed Asgar, a chemistry student who shot and seriously wounded Hajjarian in the March attack, to 15 years in jail for endangering national security >>> FULL TEXT

May 16

* Another reformist newspaper closed

May 16, (BBC) -- Another reformist newspaper in Tehran has been closed down on the orders of the hardline Iranian judiciary. The newspaper, Ham'mihan, was run by the former mayor of Tehran, Gholamhossein Karbaschi >>> FULL TEXT

May 9

* Three reform newspaper bosses to be hauled into court

TEHRAN, May 9 (AFP) - The heads of three pro-reform Iranian newspapers closed in a recent crackdown on the reformist press have been summoned to appear in court, reports said Tuesday. Former deputy culture minister Issa Saharkhiz, head of the business newspaper Akbar-Eqtesad and former director of the state news agency IRNA, told AFP he was due to testify on Wednesday >>> FULL TEXT

* Trial ends in case of assassination attempt on Hajjarian

TEHRAN, May 9 (AFP) - The trial of eight people suspected of carrying out an assassination attempt on a leading Iranian reformer ended Tuesday, after just three hearings, the official IRNA news agency reported. It said a verdict would be given in an appropriate period of time on the suspected attackers of Said Hajarian, a close ally of President Mohammad Khatami, who was gunned down in the streets of Tehran in March >>> FULL TEXT

* Khamenei against culture minister, official says

TEHRAN, May 9 (AFP) - Iran's embattled Culture Minister Ataollah Mojerani suffered a new blow Tuesday when a leading conservative said he was the only member of President Mohammad Khatami's reformist government not to have the support of supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. "The leader supports the person of Mr Khatami and his government, except the culture and Islamic guidance minister," Mohsen Rezaie, secretary of the powerful arbitration body, the Expediency Council, said in an interview with the official news agency IRNA >>> FULL TEXT

* Kiarostami and censorship in Iran

National Public Radio, Morning Edition
May 8, 2000

Audio HERE

BOB EDWARDS, host: As the government of Iran was closing several reformist newspapers and arresting their editors last month, Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami was in the United States accepting a Lifetime Achievement Award from the San Francisco International Film Festival. The international press helped give Kiarostami the stature he has today. Critics consider his movies some of the finest of the last 10 years. Kiarostami's movies have not been critical of the Islamic regime in Teheran, but he says he's concerned about the Iranian government's new restrictions of freedom of expression. David D'Arcy reports >>> FULL TEXT

May 8

* Pro-reform paper goes to daily publication

TEHRAN, May 8 (AFP) - A pro-reform Iranian weekly headed by a close ally of President Mohammad Khatami began daily publication Monday, weeks after almost all the pro-Khatami press was closed down by the conservative courts. Bahar (Spring), lead by the head of the presidency's press office Said Pur-azizi, began daily publication with its first issue given over to a bold proclamation of its pro-reform values >>> FULL TEXT

May 4

* Two student journalists kidnapped: paper

TEHRAN, May 4 (AFP) - Two Iranian student journalists from a Tehran technical college have been kidnapped and a third attacked in the street, a moderate newspaper said here Thursday >>> FULL TEXT

May 3

* Activists and Intellectuals Detained in Iran for Participating in a Conference

(Washington, DC, May 3, 2000) -- Human Rights Watch today condemned the April 30 arrest of six prominent Iranian activists for participating in a conference on the future of Iran. The conference was held in Berlin on April, 7-8, 2000. The detainees, all prominent Iranian intellectuals, included Mehrangiz Kar, a women's rights advocate; Shahla Lahiji, publisher of women's books; Akhbar Ganji, a journalist; and Ali Afshari, a student leader. Ezzatollah Sahabi, a former minister, and Hamid-Reza Jalai-Pur, an editor, were arrested and later released on bail. The six are charged with "acting against the internal security of the state and disparaging the holy order of the Islamic Republic." >>> FULL TEXT

* Khamenei among "worst enemies of the press"

New York, May 3, 2000 --The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) released its annual list of the Ten Worst Enemies of the Press today, calling to account those whose actions make them personally responsible for the abysmal press conditions of their countries. Sierra Leone's Foday Sankoh, Iran's Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and Yugoslavia's Slobodan Milosevic head this year's list FULL TEXT

* Iran assassination trial reopens

TEHRAN, May 3 (Reuters) - Suspects in the assassination attempt against pro-reform strategist and presidential aide Saeed Hajjarian returned to court on Wednesday, one day after their alleged victim was released from hospital. The official IRNA news agency said the case resumed in a Tehran Revolutionary Court in the trial of eight young men, including the accused triggerman in the gangland-style shooting on March 12 that left Hajjarian with a bullet lodged near his spinal chord >>> FULL TEXT

* Iran shooting suspect says duped by accomplice

TEHRAN, May 3 (Reuters) - A main suspect in the attempted assassination of a leading Iranian reformer said in court on Wednesday he had been misled by an accomplice to take part in the shooting, Iran 's official IRNA news agency reported. "In the beginning we believed that (Mohammad Ali) Moqaddami was concerned about the system and Islam, but we found out later that we had been fooled by him," 29-year-old Mohsen Majidi said >>> FULL TEXT

* Journalists mark press freedom day

TEHRAN, May 3 (AFP) - Iranian journalists have marked international press freedom day by setting up a fund to help colleagues thrown out of work by recent press closure. The day falls less than two weeks after the conservative- dominated courts closed much of the reformist press >>> FULL TEXT

* Culture minister grilled in Majlis

TEHRAN, May 3 (AFP) - Iran's embattled Culture Minister Ataollah Mohajerani came under renewed attack Wednesday as a conservative MP charged he misused government money to subsidise the pro-reform press. Ahmad Nejabat told parliament that Mohajerani, blamed repeatedly for laxity over the pro-reform press, much of which was shut down last week, had unfairly distributed funds to reformist papers >>> FULL TEXT

May 2

* Tehran council plans unemployment fund for journalists after press bans

TEHRAN, May 2 (AFP) - The Tehran city council is putting forward plans for an emergency fund to help the estimated 1,500 journalists left jobless by the closure of Iranian newspapers, press reports said here Tuesday. The council, in tandem with the culture ministry and the journalists' union, is to vote on the plan, which would also offer loans to reporters left in dire straits by the wholesale press closures last week >>> FULL TEXT

* Eight intelligence officers arrested over murders inquiry: paper

TEHRAN, May 2 (AFP) - Iran has arrested eight intelligence officers for mistreating suspects in the 1998 killings of several dissidents and intellectuals, a newspaper said here Tuesday. The conservative Tehran Times, considered close to the judiciary, said the eight interrogators were arrested last week following complaints from suspects who were subsequently cleared of involvement in the murders >>> FULL TEXT

* Khatami explains assassination bid

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - Iranian President Mohammad Khatami met Tuesday with a close reformist ally who survived an assassination attempt, telling him such shootings are the price of change. The president received Saeed Hajjarian in Sadabad Palace. Hajjarian, who suffered a stroke after the March 12 attack and cannot walk, sat in a wheelchair and spoke very slowly with frequent pauses. Khatami and Hajjarian smiled at each other and exchanged jokes >>> FULL TEXT

* Journalist says press court unfit to try him

TEHRAN, May 2 (AFP) - Journalist Emadeddin Baghi said Iran's conservative press court, which hauled him in for a second day of hearings Tuesday, was unfit to judge him. "This court is not competent and I have sent a letter to the justice department," Baghi told reporters following the closed-door session at the Tehran press court >>> FULL TEXT

* US culture could swallow up native cultures: Khatami

TEHRAN, May 2 (AFP) - Iranian President Mohammad Khatami warned Tuesday that US culture could take over the world, swamping indigenous cultures. "Native cultures feel threatened by the Americanisation of their cultures, while wise men in America speak of cultural decline and impoverishment," Khatami said in a speech at the opening of Tehran's 13th book fair >>> FULL TEXT

May 1

* Courts hear cases against reformists

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Three prominent Iranian reformers including two journalists went on trial Monday before hard-line courts on charges of acting against state security and violating religious values. Emadeddin Baqi was the latest in a string of journalists to appear before the special press court. He has angered the conservative establishment with allegations that officials of the security services were behind serial murders of dissidents.>>> FULL TEXT

* Khatami pushes reform agenda

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - Defiant against a fierce hard-line crackdown on Iran's pro-democracy movement, President Mohammad Khatami insisted Saturday that the reforms he started three years ago could not be stopped. Khatami's statement was his strongest yet against hard-liners who are trying to preserve their power and, it is feared, will seek to prevent the gathering of Iran's newly elected pro-reform parliament >>> FULL TEXT

* MPs warn culture minister but say no impeachment yet

TEHRAN, May 1 (AFP) - Iran's embattled culture minister, the target of conservative wrath over the brazen pro-reform press, is unlikely to be impeached despite reports to the contrary, MPs said in Monday's papers. The conservative Tehran Times, considered close to the judiciary, quoted four members of the outgoing conservative parliament saying a motion to remove Ataollah Mohajerani was unlikely to be put forward >>> FULL TEXT

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