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    My name is jafar and I am 55 but look like 45. I am an electronic & air conditioning Technician. I am originally from Iran but I am a Swedish citizen. I have been in Sweden since 1987. I lost my wife due to cancer four years ago. She had cancer for 25 years. At the beginning it was skin and then brain and at the end it was breast cancer. I have three children. My daughter is married and she lives in Stokholm. My 24-year-old boy has his separate life and will graduate from Chalmers University soon. My 15-year-old boy is the only one still at home and he is student.

    I believe in GOD. I am a musician and I am in very good condition of health. I have been in USA several times. My brother is living in Dallas / Garland. We are living in Gothenburg, the second largest city of Sweden. Sweden is a very cold and industrialized country. VOLVO, SAAB, ERICSSON, ASEA; HELSE, etc., are Swedish companies.

    Sweden is a socialist land and we pay a lot of taxes but we have safe, good, hospitals and free medicare. And we don't pay for the education of our children. The food in schools is also free, but not for university students. Only for school and high school.

    Disadvantages of Sweden is only cold climate and conservative people. I am looking forward to see if you are, or you may be, the bright sun in my life. I can't marry any Bahai members and I don't smoke.

    I would be pleased if you tell me more about yourself:

    Are you an American citizen?
    Where do you live?
    What is your job?
    Your health condition?
    Your last marriage?
    Your family?
    Your future plans?
    Do you like to have a good partner who would listen to you and be honest with you.
    Do you like music, cinema, etc?
    What is your hobby?
    Do you have an up-to-date picture?

    Have a nice day.


    Jafar Samadi

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