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    Photo of the Day

    A country I have come to love
    This photo was taken in May 1997 just outside Bandar a Busheshr during the third of four trips which I have made to Iran since 1996.The boats caught my eye and as I entered the harbor four fishermen aboard the boat in the photo invited me aboard.This is certainly one of my favorite photographs taken in a country that I have come to love and understand as much as a westener can. I love the architecture,the scenery, the history but more than that I love the friends that I have made and the way Iranians make me feel so welcome when I am far away from my home in Canada. I returned just last October from yet another three weeks and I felt very sad sitting in Mehrabad airport knowing that every time I leave I may never see Iran again. Rather silly I suppose, for one who is not Iranian.

    Stuart Redding


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