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December 8, 2002

Sourena Mohammadi writes: I nominate this "unknown man" as the Iranian of the day. Go here and click on "unknown man". You will find a picture of him there [and this text by Ahmad Nadalian:]

While the entries for the First Exhibition of Iranian Conceptual Art had all been submitted for approval to the selection committee, one of the works was an exception. As the committee members gathered to welcome viewers on the opening day of the exhibition, they were disconcerted to see an unknown man, his face swathed in bandages, walking through the exhibits and marking them with yellow tape marked 'danger!'.

Political, social and cultural connotations come to mind, but this unknown artist undoubtedly captured the viewers' imagination with his unprecedented actions. His face bandaged (a sign of injury?) he seemed to be warning us against danger, against moving too close. What harm can there be in museum exhibits? Or does the danger lurk in society, in this greater world where we pause to observe and then simply move on?

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