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Siros Hozhabri writes: Some Abadani friends had recently had a reunion after 24+ years. I'm 4th from the left! To my right: Kaveh Abbassi,Nader mohsenian, Saeed mostofi,??, Behyar Roozrokh, Afshin Zaeri, Hamid Ghezelayagh, Mehran Khorrami, Mahyar Israelnaim, Ali bizhannia. To my left: Nader Noorfeshan, Kambiz Adib, Farzin Sadr.

It was interesting how close we al felt. The BOND undoubtedly is the reminiscing about the good times even though it was more than 2 decades ago. We hd guys coming from New york, Florida, Michigan, Texas, Kentucky, California. Some are doctors, lawyers, wall streeters, techies, film makers, some divorced, or starting all over again. It was a unique event. We're trying to do it again in Fall.
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