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July 2, 2003

An Interview with Hussein Sabet, Famous Iranian Hotel Owner at Canary and Kish Islands
Jahane Havanavardi va Gardeshgari
Scientific, News & Tourism Journal
Nov. 2002, Vol. 9, No. 53
Pages: 40 - 43

Hussein Sabet is an Iranian reciting the songs of pride and the Persian culture for the fans of the Persian civilization. His soul of affection and optimism has given him a sense of patriotism and kindness toward Iranians. He built up the mammoth complex Persepolis next to the Dariush Grand Hotel and a dolphinarium on Kish Island to impress the world with the Iranians' tendency of modernism. This time he is interviewed not as an investor who left the Canary islands for Kish to add up a hotel to the accommodation collection on the island but as an Iranian whose strong characteristic of patriotism persuaded him to revive a brilliant and wonderful facet of the proud Persian culture and history >>> Full text
Also see photo essay on Dariush Hotel

Sent by Dariush Kadivar

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