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May 3, 2003

Coffee Republic entrepreneur Sahar Hashemi (35) has been named one of the most influential women in Britain 2003 by the Daily Mail. A former lawyer, who with her brother Bobby, decided to start their own coffee shop. With no retail experience the brother and sister team overcame all obstacles and turned Coffee Republic from its inception into the largest independent espresso bar brand in the UK.

Along the way Sahar has learnt valuable lessons in the importance of believing in yourself and the need for determination to achieve your goals. Sahar's book "Anyone Can Do it" (January 2003) proved to be an instant best seller. The book has inspired a whole new generation of would be entrepreneurs and individuals seeking the inspiration to achieve their goals.

Sahar's message "Anyone Can Do it" Can be applied by companies looking to inspire, motivate and innovate their teams. As a keynote speaker Sahar's energy and enthusiasm is infectious, delegates leave the event believing Anyone Can Do It!

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