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December 22, 2005

Mitra and Nick Lore wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Cool Kwanzaa

Sam our 14-year-old doggy has gone deaf, which works well for him. When we got him as a puppy, he had just failed the puppy aptitude test – done with a turkey wing instead of paper-and-pencil. He did find the hidden wing but refused to return it to the people with the stopwatches. Now he uses his deafness with great skill and aplomb, paying no attention to the commands of his Alpha dog, Nick.

Erin has returned to the work she loved before she got sidetracked with eight day a week mothering future master of the physical universe Kyle (8) and Princess Maia (5). She restores originals by art deco masters, like Dunand. Now they are creating a bed for Brad Pitt surfaced with hundreds of skate skins. Beautiful but creepy. Hopefully this will earn Brad an equal number of lifetimes as skate chow.

The best part about this year has been having Newsha and her husband Jim living nearby. Newsha has finished her Masters degree and is on the path, making a difference in the real world, where the rubber hits the road, as a Capital City Fellow for the D.C. government – one project is supporting this new concept of car sharing (such as Zipcar) – a great idea for the carfree city dweller. Jim is enjoying his challenging work in a PR firm, CLS & Associates in Washington. Neema spent eight months backpacking through China, Vietnam, India, Thailand, Ethiopia and Iran with his marvelous girlfriend, and now is in Beijing working for Microsoft Research. What a great job. He gets to invent almost anything he wants.

Nick is STILL writing his new book – Now What! – The Younger Persons Guide To Choosing A Career You Will Love. When Simon & Schuster talked him into it, he thought it would be easy. But it has turned into a massive project: how to inspire young people to have lives they love - how to communicate complicated ideas to them so they get it in their bones – how to get them committed to knowing themselves and the world around them well enough to choose work that will stay interesting, challenging and fun for a lifetime. Because of this new concentration on young people, colleges are beginning to use Nick’s tools and methods in their career courses. His first book, The Pathfinder is still a bestseller after seven years, usually in the top 1000 books in sales stats out of 2.5 million available. He loves his round-the-world sailboat, his guitars, painting, photography, and most of all, his wife.

Mitra has discovered hammers and anvils, torches and plasma cutters that burn through steel like the blood of the Alien. No, she hasn’t joined the new inquisition like some of our leaders. She has discovered steel sculpture. This is revealing a side of her nobody knew existed. Her previous work was, well, very feminine. This new work is raw and elemental, plus now she doesn’t feel the need to beat Nick quite so often. She has also turned into the salsa queen. Never previously known to break a sweat, even at the gym, all that has changed. Her car radio is always tuned to stations with people speaking Spanish rápidamente, with heavy reverb. She has also been doing more modeling this year – sort of society runway modeling without the runway. She just finished getting scuba open water diver certification so she can hang out with Nick underwater.

Mitra and Nick Lore wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Cool Kwanzaa

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