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February 23, 2005

I would like to nominate my friends Dr. Parvaneh Farid and Dr. Ajang Farid as the Iranian couple of the day. They were the only foreigners and Iranians selected to Hungary's Top 50 couples of 2005. This year-book lists amongst artists, actors, sportsmen, and pop stars, including Hungary's ex-president and his wife.

The Farid couple, who have lived in Hungary for the past 15 years, are respected professionals within their medical and dental fields and are serving society in the region through their association to the Bahai community of Hungary.

Both Iranian expatriates have been invited several times on National Television and the press out of public interest for their Bahai perspectives on current social issues.

I have included links to the original pages of the year-book [Page 1, Page 2, Cover] and a translation of the article entitled "The Butterflies are Free". >>> Another photo

Pejhman Rahimi

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