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June 1, 2005

I am sending you a link to my fifth grade class picture with which I have a little problem. I found the picture after years and years of searching and decided to put everyone's name on it before posting it on the web -- now the problem I have is that there are two names that don't exactly come to mind at this point: One is that of "Pirooz Karimi" (top row) of which I'm not sure, and I can't remember my friend Massoumeh's last name either (see bottom of pic).

I remember two classmates who weren't there the day the picture was taken: Ramin Soltani and Reza Mozaffari. Maybe someone remembers why they weren't there, whether they were supposed to be there in the first place or not, or that maybe there were others that were supposed to be there that I couldn't remember.

Parham Nik-Eteghad

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