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May 29, 2005

Last week I finally got to meet the adorable Siamack Salari. He's not only one of my favorite writers but we've also had a long distance relationship of sorts. For the past few years Siamack and I have been on a diet competition. Of course after the first few months we never took it seriously but we do tell ourselves from time to time that we should get it going again, soon.

When we met for lunch at Alborz -- San Francisco's best Iranian restaurant -- none of us mentioned the diet until our bellies started to ache. We ordered something from every categorey on the menu. For the main dish, Siamack ordered Shirin Polo (he's quite a chef himself) with boiled chicken, and I went for the Baqali Polo with lamb shank. Mm...Mmm...

Siamack, who lives in London with his lovely Indian wife/business partner Varinder and little twin boys, was a on a short business trip promoting his innovative consumer monitoring company, Everyday Lives (do check out the web site; it's cutting edge).

By the way, he told me some good Indian jokes, but I think for the sake of his marriage, I better not repeat them.

Jahanshah Javid

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