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November 17, 2005

Asieh Namdar, the beautiful, multi-talented, Iran lover and humble CNN anchor, is my most favourite Iranian-American. Lately, Asieh is full time with CNN International, seen in all over the world, but not in all locations in the US >>> See

Here is one of Asieh's poems:

We came from Iran, as young boys and girls, so much to learn far away from home.
we dreamed of having friends, playing and laughing
instead we got funny stares, and questions that has us crying.
witnessing history before our eyes, our beloved country on the verge of demise
what do we do, what do we say, to prove the world we are kind and good
we burry ourselves in school and work
still dreaming big, to make a point
Iranians, succeed where ever they go, in Houston, LA, London and Rome.
from doctors and lawyers, to teachers and bankers..
and let‚s not forget, the famous pianist with a world of talent
the goal of course is to make a difference
to realize fame and money are of little importance
it's not what you think, its not what you say
you are judged by your deeds, at the end of the day
no one said it would be quick or easy
and the price we pay is sometimes crazy
but let's not forget, life is a mountain with ups and downs
what's most important, health, happiness and faith from above.

Sent by Abbas Atrvash

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