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November 22, 2005

Royal Romance between Prince Albert II of Monaco and Sharmine Sharivar hinted by European Press

The German People Magazine Bunte as well as French Magazine Gala have hinted a would be romance between former political science student and Miss Europe 2005 Sharmine Sharivar. [News]

The beauty queen born to an Iranian father and German Mother was at the Red Cross Gala in Monaco earlier this year and was seated close to the Monaco Family during the formal dinner. She is said to have been befriended by Princess Stephanie and that she also was seen with the Prince with whom she is said to have spent three months and accompanied him on a plane to the United Nations Yearly Reunion Conference.

There has been no official confirmation or denial of this romance but interestingly another Iranian Robert Hossein (Currently working on a live show remake of Ben Hur in the Stade de France in Paris due next September) actor director and son of famed Musician Aminollah Hossein, was to do the voice commentaries during the ceremony where the Prince of Monaco was to receive the honors of the Royal Guards of Monaco.

Can that be a Sign of the Stars ...

Darius KADIVAR reports from Paris FRANCE

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